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written 380 days ago

For once I don't want the last hour of my life back after reading a book on here. This is outstanding work, Erin, it really is! And I don't agree with the "unrelenting misery" tag commented on earlier, what about Oliver Twist (or any other Dickens classic) or Stephen King's Carrie, they found a worldwide audience, didn't they? I'm with Joe (for once, ha, ha), you have a brilliant writing style and a captivating story here - keep going, I want to read the rest! ~ Andi x
p.s. my Teutonic eye stuck in only one place, the long pitch. Could the last line be moved down one line, for impact, and maybe stick in an exclamation mark after 'bitch'? for yet more impact? I'll delete this suggest soon. view book

written 897 days ago

"Women wear square watches so that time can hide in the corners and then they can pretend they don't know where it's gone."

What a wonderful imagination you have, Patrick! I didn't know whether to laugh at that one or feel insulted!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you (my parents are very infirm and require full-time care), but I am enjoying your book so much. Cuthbert carefully sewing bits of Farmer Griffin back together after his combine harvester accident was priceless!

I was so sorry to hear from Joe about your stroke. I do hope that you get better soon. My prayers go to both you and Paula.

Andi xxx view book