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Hi! I am a recently retired teacher living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have a degree in English Literature from Victoria College at the University of Toronto, which included an advanced writing course with the Author in Residence, and a teaching degree. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine published my short story, DEADLY QUINTET a number of years ago.
I share my life with my family as well as my horse and a dog. As you can see from the photo, my Jack Russell Terrier is a big help in my writing, reading and making notes on my manuscript. His favourite character is Horatio, Mrs. Short's Cairn Terrier.
CATNIP has been published by That Right Publishing and is available on Amazon.
I am seeking representation for HORSE SENSE, the second book in the Dunbarton Mysteries series.


favourite books

Anything by Elizabeth Peters, Simon Brett, Louise Penny, Kathy Reichs, and of course, the mistresses of the art, AgathaChristie, Margery Allingham, Mary Stewart, Dorothy Gilman,,.

my websites

http://www.valerietate.weebly.com     http://www.amazon.com/Catnip-ebook/dp/B008NIJOO4/r

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my books


Valerie Tate

"The colt is grey!" Words that will lead Chris and Alicia Mallory once again into mystery and murder.

“What exactly did she say?” Chris asked, for the umpteenth time.
“I told you. She said, “The colt is grey.””
Chris shook his head in exasperation. “Is that code for something?”
“I haven’t a clue!”
“Well, then, what does it mean?”
“It means, as the great Sherlock Holmes would say, ‘the game’s afoot, my dear Watson’!” she replied, and then gave him the brilliant smile that always meant trouble!

When Olympic Dressage Rider Alex Craig discovers that she has been the victim of fraud and theft she calls on her best friends, Alicia and Chris Mallory, to discover who has stolen her dream of a foal by the world’s top dressage stallion. Their quest to discover what happened to the $20,000 straw of frozen semen takes them into the world of Olympic level dressage and international horse breeding. When people start dying, Chris and Alicia must unmask the murderer to avoid being next.
This is the second in the Dunbarton Series of mysteries that began with CATNIP.


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I wrote 384 days ago

This is a beautiful piece of writing, Judith. I have read all you have uploaded, something I have done rarely on this site. Your characterizations are superb. The insights into Simon's private world display a remarkable depth of understanding. I noticed a couple of typos but frankly they are unimpor... view book

I wrote 538 days ago

This is simply wonderful. I am not normally given to hyperbole but yours is the best writing I have read on this site. Haunting, mesmerising. the descriptions are flawless. So many mysteries - What happened to Vivienne in London? What is wrong between Vivienne and Nathan? What is the history of the ... view book

I wrote 538 days ago

This reminds me of the beginning of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. The same haunting atmosphere. Suggestion. I think you should open with, 'If I hadn't stumbled'. Move it before 'We walked' and perhaps change that to 'were walking'. Skip the preamble. Use it as part of your pitch or your jacket cove... view book

I wrote 579 days ago

Club Agatha critique This is a funny, charming book with eccentric and loveable characters in a setting that any mystery lover would adore. Can't wait to read on. Small points: The paragraph about Bella's knowledge of her family history has some verb tense issues that need to be sorted out as doe... view book

I wrote 602 days ago

I really like this. I've only read the first chapter but I feel I know these people. You have given it heart, not an easy thing to do. I'll comment again when I have read more. For now, high stars. Valerie view book

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