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I'm currently a university student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and living in New York.

Writing fiction professionally would trump programming computers, but I'm not going to put all of my eggs in that basket :) I write because I enjoy doing it.

I like to write about unique settings and concepts and I have a special love for travel, both in fiction and in life.

My current goal is to become a better writer, not to get published, and I am unwilling to trade pandering. So genuine comments only for my works, please. If I read your story, expect my response to be honest.

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Rand Wolfe

The world split, technology faltered, and Snakeboots hit the road to ask the Almighty himself why.

The world split, technology faltered, and Snakeboots hit the road to ask the Almighty himself why. But what he finds will shatter every theory man has put forth and threaten the collective sanity of humankind as it did in eras nearly forgotten. Meanwhile, two immensely powerful religious factions with mutually incompatible beliefs battle for influence over the heartland of a sundered world. The technologically progressive Roses stand in opposition to the regressive Thorns. Both do what they consider God's bidding, and perhaps an occasional errand or two for the higher-ups. Few people know what's happening in the world beyond their home regions, and the "deserts" make travel prohibitively expensive, time consuming, and deadly. There is very little long-range communication of ideas, and advanced transportation technology is against the new rules of physics imposed upon the people of Earth after the Collapse.


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Tim Waters wrote 76 days ago

Rand, three years ago I submitted my book "The Water Works of Clear ....

emeraldraj wrote 755 days ago

Will you fight for CUPID (god of sexual love) leading men or for LI....

Jannypeacock wrote 940 days ago

Hi Rand, I’m sorry to be a pain, possibly for the second time (cri....

Trailer Bride wrote 954 days ago

Hey Rand Yeah, this is more spam, sorry. But what's a girl to do? ....

Pete A wrote 958 days ago

Hello Rand, A recent comment on my book: “Your writing's got the c....

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I wrote 1145 days ago

Wow this is jumping up through the ranks quickly. A solid and dynamic story line and believable characters. Some of its NaNoWriMoness shows through at parts, but those can be ironed out, especially if you enlist an agent's help. - Rand view book

I wrote 1152 days ago

Unique take on a dystopian future you have here. After reading your summary, I was expecting more deliberate comedy, but I prefer it the way it is. You put more work and words into description than most books I've read here do. And I'm glad you do. You use passive voice in a few places. Would ... view book

I wrote 1155 days ago

This is an exciting read, and I'll be back for more! Chapter one wastes no time delving into the story. You convey the characters' emotions well and the reader can feel their distress. And you keep the cause of John's sudden illness shrouded in mystery, which adds a good bit of suspense. And when... view book

I wrote 1157 days ago

So I really like this, and I'm happy to back it and rate it. Daddy didn't seem abusive when he was showing them around the property, although his behaviour did drop some subtle hints that I wouldn't have picked up on if I wasn't looking for them. But I know how appearances can be deceiving. I was... view book

I wrote 1157 days ago

Overall, I'm liking this story, and I'm happy to bookshelf it and rate it well. I kind of stumbled over the very first sentence, which says: “Time, people say is never ending.” It should probably be changed to “Time, people say, is never ending.” Otherwise, the prologue certainly drew me in. ... view book

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