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about me

Im 39 years of age I work for Netapp doing storage area networking, but only to fund my writing. After writing three novels and several short stories, I am still a fat fingered typist.
I live in Utah.
There's only one way my life could be better. Miranda could be published and I could be writing full time.
My e-mail is EMutch83@gmail.com
The MS is complete but not completely posted.

favourite books

Robert Heinlein , any
Most favorite if I had to choose 'The Cat Who Walks Through Walls'
Unpopular though it may be to like Stephen King, I like the Dark Tower books.
'The Song of the Quid Hai'

Perhaps yours

my websites

http://WWW.Mirandaknows.com      http://whatmirandaknows.blogspot.com/

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my books

The Song of the Quid Hai

Ayrich Mutch

Sometimes what you value most, isn't what you thought.

The Quid Hai are peaceful. We have never been to war. Our language has no word for war and we have no stories of battles or tales of heroes to tell our young. To us, a hero is one who has taught a youngling to fly or built a new home for a family.
I know the word. I learned the word from one who came from the sky, from higher even than where the elders fly. I will never speak this word to the Quid Hai. I will never teach it to my children or anyone else. I will tell my story to you and then I will leave the word in the dust on the ground, and fly away.


The Mark of Kale

Ayrich Mutch

Having escaped death, Porter and his group take refuge on an island. They soon find there's no hiding from Miranda. Miranda Knows.

Read Miranda First.



Ayrich Mutch

Miranda controls everything. Porter is their agent. His latest assignment has him wondering if it's his own life Miranda is after. Miranda Knows.

I am an agent of Miranda. I keep people where they belong, doing what Miranda means them to do. It's easy, mostly. Miranda knows everything about everyone.

Everyone responds to something. I arrange a financial crisis or play cupid to star crossed lovers. I make sure the right offer comes along, or the wrong one, depending on how you look at it. Simple things with complex consequences.

I do what I do because I have to. I never used to care what happened.

Lately though something has changed, and this new assignment has a different flavor to it, I wonder if Miranda knows what I am thinking...of course they do. More to the point, I wonder what they're going to do about it.

Miranda is complete at 75000 words. The last chapters are not posted here. If you would care to see them, e-mail me EMutch83@gmail.com. Harper Collins has requested the full manuscript and I am seeking representation.

Thank you for your consideration.


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I wrote 873 days ago

The first chapter needs to be rewritten. Its much choppier then the rest. The writing further in is good and the story is compelling, the sort of book people read to feed their sense of self rightious drama. THe good news is that there is certainly a market for it. Your story reminds me of the ma... view book

I wrote 1263 days ago

Well Done to you! view book

I wrote 1329 days ago

This shall stay on my shelf until you demand I remove it. view book

I wrote 1567 days ago

I love the 'What we value' message. All of ones Happiness depends on it. Well done. view book

I wrote 1577 days ago

A bestseller indeed. The brains will be pleased. view book

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