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The Symbol of Wrath is now under Agent consideration and is likely to removed shortly.

Demon Rising (renamed ORIGIN) Published!


Hi nice to meet everyone!

Absolute lover of a good horror and a secret romance reader (is it a secret any more?)but have never been drawn to the mainstream conventional. Love to listen to rock music when I write battle scenes (no idea why, must be part of the process). I seem to find myself in cafes when I start a new project and once its complete... must be a frame narrative thing...

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of HCG (Horror Critique Group)Reviews. I am no longer doing return/swap reads.

Best wishes to all.

favourite books

Brian Lumley Necroscope Series
Brian Lumley Haggopian and Other Stories
Brian Lumley Titus Crow
Trudi Canavan The Black Magican's Guild
Dante The Devine Comedy
Alan Dean Foster Into the Out Of
H P Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos
Graham Masterton Burial: The Manitou
Grant Morrison 18 Days

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http://www.colleendemonrising.wordpress.com     http://www.cosmicegg-books.com/books/origin

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Colleen Douglas

The Diaks are a warrior clan, facing war and extinction, only one among them has the capacity to save his race.

I have placed this book here as it was my first novel written over fifteen years ago. My style has evolved greatly and so would probably have no reflection on current projects. The aim is for feedback on the story as I am considering whether to keep or scrap this work. Please note it is UNEDITED:-

“After all treason is punishable by having one’s skin flayed while alive” as he spoke Mirach caressed Thorin’s skin with his blade making little nicks, she flinched with each cut. “Now I have questions for you, your punishment will depend on your answers, so you get my meaning.” He exchanged the small blade for a larger one, deftly cutting a two inch incision into the fearful woman’s thigh, the blade went deep and she winced breathing harshly.
Beads of perspiration stood out on her forehead. Fighting back tears she was determined not to let her fear of him win. Mirach bent his head licking the wound, savouring Thorin’s involuntary trembling. How was she to survive and yet she knew she must. With her eyes closed she did not see the blade Mirach had nestled among the hot coals.


The Symbol of Wrath

Colleen Douglas

Inside Richter Kain is the demon Phare "Mouth of Hell" and through his murders the Great Host await their chance. Yet Phare hesitates...

She smiled, "Hello, brother." "Hello, Sin." Death grinned, his putrid breath washing over his sister. "It was wise indeed to agree to Brisant's plan. Our father's idea would have never worked. One soul to perform such complicated magic? To complete our task we require a massacre of souls." "Sister, I and mine shall gather them for you. I know what is required to open the Gate and release the Great Host. Soon they will be loyal to our father no longer, only to us." "Hell will empty," she grinned, "and we shall finally stand victorious!" Sin turned away from him and strode confidently down the aisle. The doors to the monastery flew open before her and she continued onwards. Behind her the church faded into the lingering fingers of mist. Phare watched with determined eyes following his adversary, her terrible powers unleashed.


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I wrote 561 days ago

Immortal HCG Fresh Meat This is a curious tale, I am not sure that the setting sits comfortably on the Caribbean backdrop as smoothly as it should and this is reflected in two thirds of Chapter 1. You might want to consider orienting the reader with a city. I found the "glass and glassy reflectio... view book

I wrote 603 days ago

HCG Review The Geneologists: On Holy Ground Hi Jane, don't know what to say here except I was not able to get into sync with this story. I often find it akward to relate where there is a sense of religious over piety, that can cloud the construct of a good story. Certainly the main characters el... view book

I wrote 607 days ago

HCG Review Dead Ops Ok so I am loving this story Aidan, not so thrilled by all the military jargon though (but that is my own hang up, never been a lover of war, etc). The tale is one of intrigue and I will certainly be following this as time allows, you have touched on several elements which has... view book

I wrote 619 days ago

HCG Review: Cured Dramatic and gritty, the author sets a very dark atmosphere. The tension is not alleviated through-out the three chapters I have read. I found the pace a little slow and George a little sinister. This posed an intriguing question as to whether he was better off "CURED" as succi... view book

I wrote 663 days ago

HCG Review: Fallen Tears Your story has all the elements of an original vampire tale and I keep imagining Christopher Lee. The dark unflinching revenge displayed in chapter three speaks like the original "Dracula" and yet there is more. Aside from a little editing just to catch the stray typos, t... view book

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