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Born in 1945, educated at Byron St and Royton Secondary Modern, Lancashire; and left school with very little in the way of qualifications. Married, with three grown up children, two who are still at home,

I have been an engineer all my life, and took up writing as a hobby, as John says 'to combat the boredom of a tedious thirteen hour shift'. My first Novel was written early in 1995, and was total rubbish. Since then through the aid of the local library, I hope that I have improved my writing technique.

After two extensive rewrites, (Updated to Chapter 15 on site) 'The Miracle of Tycho Brahe' (Pronounced Tie-co Bray, partly uploaded) Has now been renamed 'Sunday Girl' and the title page has had a serious facelift. The story revolves around John Allenby whose character is more or less based on me. I started originally writing about my life, but then I was told a true life tale that fitted so well and the story took over until it ended up as a novel of approximately 114,000 words. The two rewrites have brought it down to around 100,000 words approximately. Although the central character is a little younger than I, he bears a striking resemblance (apart from the childrens home, and love affair) and his life does seem to run in the same direction mine has.

I enjoy writing and languages and owe this love to my English teacher. I am also a competant photographer and the cover is a merged photograph (Photoshop) of three I took some years ago ... Who is the child in the photograph? I do not know for I found her in the background of a five year old print, but she is what I imagined Sabbath to be like ... no, she is Sabbath. The Photograph has been heavily filtered and posterised to protect the childs identity.

J.E.Bayley is the author name on the new cover, this will be my new pen name, (unfortunately there is already an author named Duncan J Watt) though on here I will still use my own. If I do not succeed, at least I will have tried ...

Ratings mean nothing; if I like a book I back it, even if it drags my rating down ... I do not do gushing ...

After another run in with a fragile ego I am no longer commenting unless specifically asked. If you think your novel is brilliant and beyond improvement please do not message me, ask your literary agent to publish it.

I am so far behind that at the moment I am reading the highest first ... Please just be a little patient for I am a war baby ...

As the internet now appears to have a mind of its own I apologise if I have missed replying to your message ... Please feel free to contact again.

If I have missed thanking you for your comments and backing I apologise.

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Sunday Girl

Duncan Watt

John Allenby and the child stared at each other. He knew nothing of her past life, but he needed so much to help her.

John Allenby is utterly disillusioned by his job, and life. His birthday starts a set of circumstances that brings him into contact with the child. Meeting up at a children's home, set up by philanthropic businessess, the two appear to share a rapport, that builds into a strong bond, until he has only one thought on his mind, to adopt her and bring her into his family.

Used and abused all her short life, the child is so dirty that at first they do not know her gender for she will not let anyone near. Her behaviour is appalling and her language as filthy as her face. So can she change? The child has always fended for herself and being in the company of caring adults, confuses her, Kindness met with abuse. So will he manage to help her find the innocent child within?

A clash with the girl's father leaves him facing a suspension and possible murder charge and though it wrecks his health common sense prevails.

A romantic involvement with the woman, who persuaded him to take this job, brings further complications for John and his family.


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