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Many thanks to all the people who supported MASTER ACT on its long journey to the Desk. The first four chapters are still available to read here.

I'm now working on a final edit, and welcome any new feedback. The book is complete at 56,000 words.

A very short bio: I grew up in rural Australia, but am now London based. In Grade 3, inspired by a gold star for an early essay, 'I Met A Fairy', I imagined a life in writing.

But after an inspirational experience with a theatre company in the Philippines, I decided to train as an actor instead. I studied at New York University with the great actor and teacher Olympia Dukakis. At NYU, I devised a one-man show of Shakespeare's sonnets and performed 'Love's Rite' in Australia, the USA and London. I have also performed my act 'Select-a-Sonnet' at the National Theatre and Shakespeare's Globe. I have worked for the New York Shakespeare Festival, the Sydney Theatre Company, the BBC and many others. I toured the world with the Natural Theatre Company of Bath for fourteen years.

favourite books

A very short selection:
'Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?' Jeanette Winterson
'The Tricky Part' Martin Moran
'Never Mind' Edward St. Aubyn
'The Road Less Travelled' M. Scott Peck
'The Power of Now' Eckhart Tolle
'Memoirs of Hadrian' Marguerite Yourcenar

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MASTER ACT: a memoir

David Price

To be born into love is the greatest gift. But what happens to love when events turn a boy's world upside down?

This is the story of a little boy who had everything, and lost it.

In fact, he didn't lose it - it was ripped from him. One day he was the apple of everyone's eye, the next he was burdened with a terrible secret. And none of it was his fault, but the boy was too young to know that at the time. He was shocked into pretending that everything was normal when the reverse was true: his whole world had been turned upside down.

Yet the boy's act was so masterful, no-one realized that anything was wrong.

"A hugely impressive piece of writing" James Lark 'More Tea, Jesus?'

"Beautifully written, heartbreaking, yet funny. The language and flow is perfection." Elspeth McGregor 'Paragon'

"A gem" Andrew Stevens 'The Poet'


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I wrote 558 days ago

Sara, I've read the first two chapters today. I like the atmosphere you have created in this story, and although I think the first chapter in particular needs some fine tuning, I can see the potential here. The idea of the very old man handing over to the very young girl is a lovely one, and works... view book

I wrote 580 days ago

Dyane, your fine, accomplished work is a pleasure to read. This is not a genre I normally choose to read, and I've still only had time for the first two chapters, but the beautiful, poetic quality of your writing combined with a sensual earthiness underscoring the story and characters are in danger... view book

I wrote 583 days ago

John, this is an endearing tale, beautifully written. You have captured a boy's view of the sometimes baffling world around him with precision and charm. Five stars and to be backed. The only constructive suggestion I have is that you sometimes use more commas than necessary. For example, in the... view book

I wrote 583 days ago

Jesse, I've read the first two chapters, and while this is not my usual choice of read, it is clear from the opening lines that you are a talented writer and that you have laboured hard and long on this wonderfully realized epic. I did get confused towards the end of chapter 2 when a number of @,... view book

I wrote 583 days ago

John, I've read the first two chapters now, and I am quite touched by your writing and think your story shows great promise. The issues you are writing about - self-identity, coming out, bullying and suicide - concern us all, and I think you set the tone beautifully - and with admirable humility - ... view book

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