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Professional engineer, retired.
Age - a lot more than I feel.
Literary ambitions - Rich and famous - in that order.

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George McDonald Fraser 'Flashman' series.
Ira Levin, 7 novels, 4 of them best sellers and made into award winning films. What's not to like? (Except his last one, 'Son of Rosemary' Do not buy this book. The only book I ever mutilated. I scored out the last three pages, wrote "Do not read beyond this point" three pages from the end and dumped it in a charity shop)

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Scott Toney wrote 778 days ago

Lawrie, I noticed that you've supported a friend of mine's book, S....

Sharon.v.o. wrote 780 days ago

Hello, As Shining Dawn is about to make the review desk I was hop....

DerekTobin wrote 798 days ago

Hi Lawrie Given what's on your shelf I thought my book might fit you.....

Mark Kirkbride wrote 803 days ago

Hi Lawrie, It's really good of you to be reading future classics ....

A G Chaudhuri wrote 808 days ago

Dear Lawrie, Words can’t express my gratitude. Because of your unwa....

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I wrote 818 days ago

Hi AG, sorry my comments came across as unsympathetic. They were intended to be constructive but I should have dumped my midnight deadline for once and given myself more scope in choice of words. Taking a couple of minutes more to look up the ten/thousand reference would have clarified the point. I'... view book

I wrote 819 days ago

I think you have the bones of a good story here but it feels to me as lacking polish. The prologue introduces a character with plenty of back story (old man, wife three years dead, still carrying a torch for her). Bang! he's dead along with everybody else. The ten thousand thunderbolts is too OTT bu... view book

I wrote 821 days ago

My first critique so bear with me. I wasn't sure about this in chapter 1 but here I am at chapter four after an easy read. The synopsis promises a humorous element which is there but not at LOL intensity (although I'm in no position to comment on rap-speak. This could be sidesplitting and I wouldn'... view book

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