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I am an avid reader who suffers...literally...when reading limping dialogue.
I'm also a scriptwriter with several television episodes and one short film to my credit, and several projects in the making.
I am happy to return reads but dislike being asked to back books just for numbers climbing.
I'll shelve it if I enjoy it.
You should know that I may read and comment and even star your book without backing it. That simply means it isn't to my personal taste, not that I don't think you aren't doing a good job. I feel like really heartfelt commentary and constructive criticism are more important than 24 hours on a bookshelf.
I'm using my watchlist for all the books I want to read...and will get to eventually!
My books are both comedies, both incomplete and both up for commentary on plot and characters.
I know the grammar isn't perfect. I know it isn't spell checked.
I'd rather have constructive criticism on plot development or dialogue than have someone read it and say, I loved it but you had four spelling errors.
And I'll do the same for your book. :)

favourite books

too many. really. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Gotta love Nora Roberts, Lloyd Alexander, Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Dick Francis. Lauren Willig, Janet Evanovitch. Molly Harper, Julia Quinn. Amanda Quick. Dave Barry. Piers Anthony. Robert Jordan. Christopher Moore...I could go on for hours, not specifying books, because, well...could you choose?

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my books

Due North

JL Simpson

It's not been one of Lila's better days. A classified account hijacked...a stalker in a hallway...and a kidnapping by an undercover agent. What's next?

Buttoned down Federal accountant Lila Rose is having the worst day of her life. After discovering that a highly classified file has been tampered with, after being stalked through the Anchorage Federal building and after a duct-tape kidnapping at the hands of undercover operative Zane Gray (no relation), Lila finds herself in the middle of a black ops mission complete with James Bond style toys, underground lairs, lecturing mothers and a bad boy who's with the good guys. It's a dangerous situation with innocent lives at stake...and Lila's finding out that the evidence just isn't adding up.



JL Simpson

Jubilee Dunn has a secret...and it might just save the world. Rogues, spies and Scottish lordlings abound as Miss Dunn takes Europe by storm.

Jubilee is the adopted daughter of a psychic and part time magician. When her mother decides to work full time on a daytime television talk show, Jubilee is sent to Europe to finish her education, but a dark and deadly team of assassins and hypnotists are threatening the world, and there are more important things than homework...


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I wrote 633 days ago

Jack Interesting story. I have one suggestion: If you lose the "how did I get caught" paragraph in chapter one and modify it so it is more of a segue, like "I was invisible. Untouchable. Until the moment it all blew up in my face" or some such phrasing to lead the reader into adventure rather th... view book

I wrote 633 days ago

Jori Thanks for your comments on Due North. Returning the read, I was surprised to find a non fiction/religioius theme...but decided to read and see what you had going on. My impressions overall: You have an inviting writing style that parallels many other religiously themed self help books (men... view book

I wrote 725 days ago

It's late but I made it through the last chapter...Poor Dio! The adventure grows with each chapter. It feels like a Lloyd Alexander read in the best sense. The characters are coming to life! When is the next book coming out? view book

I wrote 726 days ago

Bea, this is a fast, fun read. I'm sympathetic for Holly, unusual for me, as young female characters are usually written as annoying, whiney and weepy. Good job there. I like her, like Charlie so far, and actually, I'm impressed with the range of characters you created and are artfully juggling. T... view book

I wrote 726 days ago

Cara I tried to message earlier but the screen changed...my computer...so this may be a repeat, but better safe. James asked me to check out your book, so here I am :) I'm a few chapters in and I'm very interested to see what happens after the siege. The prose interspersed is pretty, but I'm not ... view book

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