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Thank you to all my fellow authonomites who have taken the time to give me helpful criticism. I've implemented many of the improvements you've suggested, and now I am calling the manuscript "complete". However, I would still value, and even covet, constructive criticism.

After being a busy, working, single mom for 18 years, I'm now enjoying being a housewife. It's giving me time to spend having fun and being creative with writing, drawing and photography, three of my favorite pasttimes. My husband Jason and I are missionaries at heart with a desire to serve and teach, especially in Africa. Seka is a work of fiction, but the characters and events are typical of life in a small village in Uganda.

My husband painted the cover of Seka using acrylic on a 24"X30" canvas, referencing a compilation of photos he took in Uganda to create my characters and setting. The published book will include 10 b/w photos of his African art.

I have started the sequel titled Dembe, about Isaac's best friend. Iaac's little sister, Grace, is waiting to have her story told, too, so watch for Ekisa as the third in the set.

I appreciate constructive criticism, and I will give it in return when I have time. I enjoy read swaps, and I will back any book that grabs me and keeps me reading.

God bless!

favourite books

C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkein, Frances J. Roberts, Catherine Marshall, Angus Buchan; Classics such as The Iliad, The Odyssey, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Beowulf and Shakespeare; Nicholas Sparks' novels, and of course,The Holy Bible

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Sharon Cooper

After his dad's death and mom's illness, Isaac struggles to raise his sister in Uganda. Lives are changed when he meets an American missionary family.

After a house fire, disease, and failed crops, Isaac (or Seka, as his mother affectionately calls him) is forced to quit the fancy school he attended in town to help raise his little sister, Grace. Unaccustomed to living in poverty, he now must find creative ways of providing food and keeping his family safe. Through his friendship with Dembe, a local village girl, Isaac learns of an American missionary family with plans to open a new school near his village. As faith is tested, joy is shaken, and hope is challenged, Isaac and his new friends learn acceptance, forgiveness, and the power that comes from facing their greatest fears.


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I wrote 1398 days ago

love the witty dialogue. the premise is quite attractive. Hmm, I didn't know radio shows still played anywhere. Best of luck with this. I saw only one small typo--in act 2 (chapter 3) you wrote "I as winding you up..." i think you meant "I was sinding you up..." I'd appreciate if you'd take a look ... view book

I wrote 1400 days ago

I'm not sure if I backed you once before or not, but your manuscript is too good for me to take the chance. I can't wait to read more. Sharon Cooper Seka view book

I wrote 1402 days ago

Hello, Lorena. Thank you for writing this important book. I hope no one ever tries to replace the Bible with it, but what a lovely companion it would make beside the Bible on my end table. I have backed you with delight. Sharon Cooper Seka view book

I wrote 1402 days ago

Hello Phil. I just backed Hallam's Ghost. I read the first of your stories and was delighted. I love the little bit about the snail. Nice touch. It showed his character beautifully in that one small act. Thank you for backing Seka. I appreciate the support! Sharon Cooper view book

I wrote 1403 days ago

What a fine tale! I will be making a room for you on my bookshelf. Once I've read more, I will be happy to be more specific in my comments. Thank you for backing Seka. sharon Cooper view book

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