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I do not want to do this, but they put words into my mind!
Once ,during an altercation,one of my rivals told me my words were sharper than those of any f***er they knew.
My friends warned me I must mend my language lest it will mar my fortunes.
And my mother told me I was inscrutable.
They were not compliments, I know.
But, all these in right measure , I now realize, would make me a crude if not cruel writer, wouldn’t it?
I am Sathya Jith.P.S from India, a mariner by profession and a dreamer by passion.
My body is 39 years old; spirit cannot be said to be as much weak though.

I live in Trivandrum ,State of Kerala, with my sweet wife who is still sceptical about my literary ‘prowess’ and who does not seem to squander any chance to poke fun at my avocation. In fact, it is as much to redeem myself in her eyes as to refine my craft that I joined Authonomy.

I had been writing stories for the past twenty eight years, some on paper and many in my mind. Never serious about the flair, I was content to remain a student and an observer of the world of letters.

Every now and then, I write short stories to test the patience of editors world over. When they boomerang, I find myself thinking either those at the desk have a problem or I was such a pathetic writer.

“CATACOMBS”, my second novel, (the first one although complete requires revision) was originally written in 2002 and is based on a story I heard from my folks .It is complete at 56k words.
I solicit constructive criticism. Anything from literary nit-picking to incisive animadversions will be entertained.
If you think you have written a good story, let me know. Give me some time and I will give you an honest comment on your work.

As for the backing and read swaps, I think I have got to be pragmatic. For, in today’s world, if you want to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, you gotta buy some ice in return.

I thank all the Authonomy members for their valuable time & suggestions which ultimately led to the publishing of 'CATACOMBS' on KDP. You can have a look at the book by following this link:-


My e-mail: swordmuzic@gmail.com

favourite books

" The Idiot" by Destoyevsky
"Cancer Ward" by Alexander Solzhenitzin

All books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez , Alberto Morovia, Shakespear, Homer, Kalidasa,Tagore,Enid,Ved Vyasa, Valmiki, Mark Twain,Charles Dickens, O. Henry, Liam O’Flaherty, Oscar wild.VishnuSharma, Esop
The Prairy ,The last of the Mohikans by Fenimore Cooper

my websites

http://swordmuzic.blogspot.in     http://about.me/swordmuzic

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my books


Sathya Jith

His ancestors had murdered an innocent girl in their temple’s cellar. And his folks had since fallen prey to the wrath of her unreposed spirit…

Her inexorable curses would hunt down, through the generations, every member of the branch-one of their clan, Madhu was warned...

His mother would often relate the tragic end of her siblings all of whom died of a strange disease, one after another…

He realized that none of his folks died a natural death in the last hundred years!
And his people were afraid he would be the next victim.

But he was an agnostic, and a communist to boot.
He, like his rationalist uncle, did not believe a word of what his people said until…
…until one day he recognized who the girl that saved his life really was.

An esoteric fable of a boy and a ghost. Of love that transcends time and space, of love that defies death.
Of a realm of anarchy where love and truth lay at the mercy of vice.

A story handed down through the generations, in which myths, facts and imagination struggle for survival.

A medium brow book that should, purportedly, entertain, edify and leave the reader enchanted.


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I wrote 638 days ago

Hello Leonard Banks, I read Ch#1 and 2 and then scanned 10 to get a quick view of “Tide and Time –At The Rock” Ch# 1 : Rich , the protagonist, gave me a nostalgic recollection of my own association with a few ‘one man army’ instructors who ,despite being capable , were given a step-motherly... view book

I wrote 646 days ago

Hello P.J.O’Reilly, I read the prologue and Chapter#1 of “DEVERAUX”. It is a strange kind of story that you are telling , and you do it pretty well. To tell you the truth, the rare combination of a monk and an alien in the prologue had me in splits(It is like telling the story of a dinosa... view book

I wrote 656 days ago

Hello Al-Harth, I read Chapters 1 to 7 of “The forgotten Alamgir- The six secrets” You have an inimitable style and enviable knowledge of history. And the way you have explained your own long name,especially Guddahra,astounds me no end. It is quite obvious that you have done extensive rese... view book

I wrote 660 days ago

Hello Chenier Seaton. I just read the prologue of your book “Sedona” as you had told me to . You have a good story there ,of a girl who had been ’ transplanted’ into a totally different milieu against her will, but eventually finds it to be a life changing experience as she goes through vari... view book

I wrote 669 days ago

Hello NMott, Thanks for the DESTRUCTIVE criticism you have offered. While I acknowledge the fact that there are errors /anomalies in the diction and cohesion ,I am pretty confident that my English is much better than that of many native speakers of the language. Since English belongs to the Ar... view book

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