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Having been involved in Small Press/Semi-Pro editing and printing ventures since 1979 (as a hobby), and after retiring from the Navy (22 years), along with various other jobs since then, I have now decided to put myself into a world I really love and enjoy - ie, words and writing. The main ambition is to become phenomenally successful. But then aren't all writers dreamers at heart?

But my main aim is to have as much fun as I can along the way (and yes, I appreciate writing is a business - but that doesn't mean you can't take your fun seriously as well. Does it?)

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Glitterburn (Heywood Gould) any Reginald Hill, the Alphabet novels from Sue Grafton, the Numbers/Plum novels byJanet Evanovich, old school material from both Ross and John D. (Macdonald), Lemmy Caution novels by Peter Chayney, most of Robert Crais, and the late Robert B. Parker

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Miss. Becky Thatcher Asare. foreign remittance department ,board of ....

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I wrote 1212 days ago

Joseph, having now finished reading the whole of the MS here, my initial comments are:- Up Side Good story, nice twists, and strong characters to a degree, though I felt the pace was a little bumpy in places (some fo the descriptive breakaways making the flow pause a little too much for my tas... view book

I wrote 1360 days ago

Not usually my genre, but the writing is good, informative, and also has the ability to involve the reader (rather than put the reader outside of the experience with too many explanations and asides. Read with pleasure, and backed accordingly. view book

I wrote 1361 days ago

One liners tossed off with gay abandon, and a really good line in the absurdist skool of scribbling. Thoroughly enjoyed this sadly incomplete work, and I suspect that one of the indie publishers out there would be more than happy to pick this up and work its tail feathers off (and let's face it, if... view book

I wrote 1361 days ago

Not really my genre, but when I started to read this I found this to be a very British thing (it's a style we love to write in - Richard Curtis/Alan Bennett/Nick Hornby) which is something that appeals to me. Not sure about the quality of the YA elements - but the writing style is strong and confid... view book

I wrote 1361 days ago

Took me a while, so my apologies for not commenting earlier. However. Very impressive opening, and you maintain the style throughout the material so far (a very good talent.) The action/pace is about right (though as it is incomplete, it's hard to tell if the balance is right throughout) and th... view book

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