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Decided I'm not ready to share the books I've completed. Have a new WIP now after having been away from writing for a few years. Wish me luck :)

Location: Northern CA, USA

Occupation: Cubicle Sales

MA in English from Sonoma State University, 2006
BA in English from UC Berkeley, 2004
AA from Santa Rosa Junior College, 2002
Accountant Assistant Certificate from SRJC, 1999

Hobbies: hiking, gardening, photography, pastel-painting, digital art

Please see link below for my deviantart artwork gallery. Thank you!!

favourite books

BEAUTY, Shery S. Tepper
MISTS OF AVALON, Marion Zimmer Bradley
EYE IN THE SKY, Philip K. Dick
HAMLET, William Shakespeare

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Emily N. Ashley

Jo hates everyone, but mostly herself. She uses drugs both to hide and to connect with others until love makes her retreat forever.

Joseph Kingsley Jr was the much-loved daughter of a well-to-do couple who died in a motorcycle accident when she was a young girl. She closed herself off from the world because of the trauma of the event and her subsequent placement with a resentful aunt.

As an adult, Jo's only way to connect to others is through drug dealing. She is torn by a desire to be in the company of others while at the same time feeling intense distrust and hatred towards everyone.

When she begins to fall in love, it scares her so much that she retreats into a drug-induced fantasy where she might just find everything she had feared and more than she had hoped for.

I wrote this many years ago, so it is riddled with grammar mistakes, but I'd be interested in what you think of it.

- - completed Sep-1994 - -


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I wrote 1785 days ago

I read through chapter one. To me, the writing style is stilted. It might just be a matter of personal taste. The most stilted and unreadable book I’ve ever had to read is “The Sound and the Fury” by Faulkner, so “Miranda” is in good company :) I hope the below comments are helpful. My style ... view book

I wrote 1944 days ago

The writing has a natural voice and a good flow. I would have liked to see more description in places, but the glossed over descriptions may be reflective of the narrator’s detachment, so that may be hard to add without breaking her POV. The manuscript is very stuck in the narrator’s head, so othe... view book

I wrote 1948 days ago

I read through chapter three. The writing is fast-paced and the description gets the reader emotionally involved in the action. I would recommend this and will shelf in support. It seemed to be like the language became more effective as the chapters advanced, but maybe that’s just because I was g... view book

I wrote 1956 days ago

I read chapter one and the beginning of chapter two, the writing is fast paced, stays active, keeps the story moving, and weaves the back story in with small doses. In short, it’s great. But, the author requested construction criticism, so this was all that I could come up with so far (these are a... view book

I wrote 1958 days ago

The pitch caught my interest because I work in sales and have been told that most deals are closed on the golf course, but I don’t play golf myself, so I thought the book might be relevant and humorous and have some insights about business and life. Chapter two may get more towards that kind of thi... view book

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