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Two new chapters 08/09/12.

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The Woman

Ayla B. Herkran

Beginning with one death, it ends in twelve murders.

Horror, murder, and sorrow will reign,
As the story gets interesting, and they all go insane.


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princessjobe wrote 504 days ago

Hello my name is princess i saw your profile today and became inter....

lilian wrote 512 days ago

HELLO How are you today, I hope all is well with you. I am sorry to ....

gweccles wrote 561 days ago

Authonomy link for The Oligarch: A Thriller: http://authonomy.com/boo....

Kestrelraptorial wrote 567 days ago

Hi Ayla, I've revived the Horror Critique Group. The link to ....

J C Michael wrote 591 days ago

Hi Ayla, Just dropping by to say a big "thank you" for your contin....

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I wrote 654 days ago

FALLEN TEARS (HCG pre-req #3) His parents are shipping him off for slave-work so his brother could have a second room…wow, this guy’s going to have some serious mental issues. Count Vlar—I love the name. Your interest in the classic Dracula stories shows in your work. “Slightly concer... view book

I wrote 656 days ago

Yup, I cheated a bit. I've uploaded three more chapters, so I'm well over 10,000, legitimately, now. Thanks for the comment! view book

I wrote 660 days ago

The opening paragraphs are beautiful--darkly romantic. I was sold on those. I read through the first chapter, and I will be reading more soon. Really nice work. view book

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