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My name is Top although I am sometimes called Toppy. And what you see is what you get! By that I mean my profile picture is really me. I'm a dog but not an ordinary dog. I'm a Border collie, the smartest of dogs. Well, mostly Border collie but with a dash of retriever thrown in to give me an even better temperment.
I've written a series of short stories, with my dad's help of course. Dad decided I should have my own page on authonomy so here I am. We did have to cheat a bit to get here since authonomy has some strange age limitation not believing a smart one and a half year old like myself could write a decent story. When I put my birthday as 2009 I was rejected so I had to change it to 1989. A minor change I hope you won't mind.
What I've written about is my experiences growing up and becoming part of a loving family. I hope you enjoy my stories.
My goal is to be the first dog to reach the ED and to eventually publish my stories.

PS, If you would like to see a video of me fetching Dad's newspaper when I was just three months old go the youtube address shown below.

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Anything about or by a dog.

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Tales from the Top


Ever wonder what it would be like growing up as a dog? Here's your chance to find out.

My name is Toppy and I want you all to know what it is like growing up as a dog. I have written a number of short stories covering my many experiences during the first year and a half of my life. To be honest these are not the experiences of an ordinary dog. In fact I am both very smart and very fortunate to have been adopted by a wonderful loving family when I was just two months old. I hope you enjoy my stories and if you have a dog I hope you treat him or her as well as my mom and dad treat me.


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Sue Harries wrote 33 days ago

Hi there, have briefly taken your book off my shelf to give me the c....

EMDelaney wrote 86 days ago

Many thanks, Top. Give my best to your Dad. Oh, BTW...I will now be c....

Colleen MacDougall wrote 94 days ago

Hi Top Thanks for dropping by our "Calling All Animal Lovers" thread....

Colleen MacDougall wrote 104 days ago

Hi Top Further to my message about starting up an animal authors c....

Colleen MacDougall wrote 104 days ago

Hello Top! Long time no speak. Hope you got lots of good treats fr....

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I wrote 458 days ago

Actually the questions were for the version I sent to former students in China. Didn't mean for them to appear in the version posted on Authonomy. Will certainly have questions after all stories or after none if the book is published. view book

I wrote 765 days ago

Maria, Many thanks for your kind comment. Please note that Tales from the Top is pretty much autobiographical and I did not "create" a character. Toppy is Toppy and the stories are true. Please follow the link on Tops biography page to see the youtube video of him getting dad's paper when he was ju... view book

I wrote 1107 days ago

Raecheal, I've read the first two chapters and love your description of the desert. Adam seems like an interesting character so I'm looking forward to learning more about him. My Mom likes this kind of story so I will mention it to her. She read a lot of the stories about a Navajo Indian Detective ... view book

I wrote 1112 days ago

Yes, of course the stories in my book are all true, or at least based on real events and adventures. Dad does love me so he may have encouraged me to slightly overstate some of my accomplishments, but only slightly! view book

I wrote 1117 days ago

Thanks for the info about the font fading in chapter 16. This has been corrected. view book

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