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ndaye wrote 1017 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Name failed moderation wrote 1264 days ago

annaweah55@yahoo.co.uk Hello, My name is anna i saw your profile at....

Ariom Dahl wrote 1832 days ago

hello again! I was wondering if you were still around. Have you been ....

Patricia wrote 1848 days ago

Hi VVV, I was wondering if you’d like to look at my book, Godmothe....

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I wrote 1999 days ago

Hi Theresa. Thanks for this, I loved it. Your dialogue is as good as any I have seen here, and there's plenty of it. You have given us a great quirky pitch and the story is delivering. I don't know all the ins and outs of good grammar but I do know what doesn't read well. Yours reads very well a... view book

I wrote 2011 days ago

The first paragraph of Chapter one must be clear and interesting. Yours isn't. I was confused from the start. What has he done to deserve her anger. Washing undergarments in firesauce is funny, and may fit elsewhere, but not here. In this crucial first para I want to begin to trust the author to rep... view book

I wrote 2011 days ago

Pierre I LOVED IT. So far I have devoured only seven chapters but I am impatient for more. You deserve to get this on the real-life book shelves. Lovely Patrick White feel to your voice. I mean that as a complement. I am not qualified to comment on the nuts and bolts of your writing style. It ... view book

I wrote 2016 days ago

Hi Paul I had planned to take a quick 'look see' at The God in the Tree. I have just finished Chapter 10 and I NEED more, especially now that a cannibal girl is approaching. This is Robinson Crusoe with knobs on. Who would have thought to place a paralysed boy alone in a South American rain fores... view book

I wrote 2018 days ago

Hi Crispy. From what I have read so far, we share an interest in genetic manipulation of our species. That's a good start. I'm sorry, but I do not like stories that start with someone waking in the wee hours to answer a call. It's probably because I have done the same in the past, but whenever a ch... view book

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