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I wrote this book when I was 14, when I was a dreamy, bookish adolescent who could listen to the teacher with half an ear and write the book at the back of the class. My main reading at the time was novels set in Roman, Greek or medieval times. A weekend trip to Anglesey with my Mum gave the backdrop for the starting point, and travelling back in time was always a favourite fantasy. I believed my main character, Karen, was fictional, but with hindsight I realise she was me. Once started, the ideas flowed thick and fast and before the end of one chapter, the next would suggest itself. I did some additional research but even so slipped up on a couple of things that the editor later spotted, for instance the Romans had no tomatoes: they were brought to Europe from America centuries later.

I was thrilled when a publisher accepted it, and of course a huge fuss was made about such a young author.
However, I spent the rest of my teen years trying to live it down. Boys didn't go for clever girls and if anyone mentioned it at a party I knew my chances were snookered. The book has been gathering dust in my memory for decades, so I was frankly astonished to be contacted by a private publisher last year, wanting to re-issue it. However, when I look at it again, I'm surprised how good it is, and friends of mine are now begging for copies and reading it themselves.

These days I'm a Speech and Language Therapist, but I've had a variety of jobs, including teaching English to foreigners, working in a bookshop, leading pony treks in the Welsh Mountains and running riding holidays in the Scottish Borders. I'm an outdoor person at heart, love animals, wild places and wine. I have two sons who are the best thing in my life, even though when I was younger I thought I didn't want children.

I will read the book of anyone who reads mine, but I cannot guarantee backing.

Wild places, adventure and the unknown, life lived close to nature.

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Eagle of the Ninth Rosemary Sutcliff

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The Green Bronze Mirror

Lynne Ellison

Karen, a teenage girl, finds an ancient mirror. The mirror transports her in time to Roman Britain, where she is taken into slavery.

Karen is on holiday at the seaside in twentieth century England. She finds a bronze mirror, green with age, almost buried in the sand. Looking into it, she is transported back in time to the Roman Empire. She encounters a Roman officer who mistakes her for a runaway slave. She is sold several times, ending up in a wealthy household in Nero's Rome, as nursemaid to the children of the family. She falls in love with a Greek slave boy, witnesses gladiatorial games, and joins a group of early Christians. When the Great Fire of Rome comes, she is forced to flee from persecution, and hides in the catacombs. She faces many hair-raising adventures in her attempts to return to her own time.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BOOK IS ALREADY IN PRINT. A limited (100-copy) printed edition is now available from http://www.amazon.co.uk and from http://www.cnposnerbooks.co.uk from only 23p
This printing has eliminated the errors in the earlier (2009) version
An e-book version is now available on Smashwords (http://www.smashwords.com) for US$1.49 A Kindle edition is also available from Amazon


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Thank you for your helpful comments. I have corrected the errors you mentioned. view book

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As mentioned in my biography, I have not written anything since this book was published, but I hope to write more in the future. view book

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An intriguing tale of mystery. Lynne Ellison The Green Bronze Mirror view book

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exciting story, and good depiction of ancient Rome and early Christianity. Lynne Ellison The Green Bronze Mirror view book

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Interesting and original Combination of genres Lynne Ellison The Green Bronze MIrror view book

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