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Since I have too much experience in writing queries and, I love perusing bookshelves, the pitch must grab me. Also, I try to think like an agent/editor and read the first chapter only. If it still holds me, I'll read more. Either way, I'll let you know.

Also attempting to be a screenwriter.

Dreams are still free, right?

favourite books

Anything by Agatha Christie. But "Ten Little Indians" is my fave.

Ernest "Papa" Hemmingway. But again, "A Farewell to Arms" is my fave.

Dan Brown. Though his recent novels are better, the plot is too predictable.

Tom Clancy, "Red Storm Rising". Absolutely disappointed in his collaborations.

Other than that, my genres are across the board. On my list, Brad Meltzer.

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Don Santiago

A car accident leaves Chris paralyzed. The devastating part is not being able to walk. It's learning to love life and find forgiveness.

After a birthday celebration, on a dark and windy road, a devastating head on collision with an intoxicated driver. The birthday boy survives but is now paralyzed and leaves his girlfriend, dead. As a result, he now resides in a physical rehabilitation center. There among the rest of the quirky characters, he meets the damaged yet mysterious nurse, Jen Barnette. Now he must not only learn to fall in love again but also, find forgiveness after he learns that the drunk driver who triggered these chain of events, also lives in the center.


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Adam Thurstman wrote 649 days ago

Hi dscoyotes I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quick....

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Hello Don I wonder if you cold spare a little time to take a look ....

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Dear Don Please forgive the intrusion. I've been on authonomy for fo....

ndaye wrote 922 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Dr Ajay Kansal wrote 1006 days ago

Hi, On behalf of your pitch, I highly rated your book. Soon, I will r....

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I wrote 1093 days ago

I don't read many children's books- the last one I read was the Harry Potter series. But your first chapter had me intrigued. Your writing style is unique sophisticated yet a reader will not be overwhelmed with the descriptive. I love the unique voice you gave to Tommy,. you effectively conveyed... view book

I wrote 1106 days ago

Hi Ruth! sorry it took so long to read it. Very impressed with your writing and courage to reveal your emotions on paper for everyone tor read. Love the chapter titles and the first chapter is a great setup to the next. Your writing style is an easy read and at an easy pace. Kudos also to your... view book

I wrote 1148 days ago

Beautiful descriptives almost poetic yet with an air of mystery. The first chapter grabbed me and will absolutely read more. Don view book

I wrote 1163 days ago

Read your first chapter and was very impressed. Had I not read your pitch several times just to make sure it was a non-fiction. The dialog is great and a nice description of your world and time. Also, love the unique voices. Backed and best of luck, Don- GRATEFUL view book

I wrote 1163 days ago

Great beginning taking us right into the world with a bit of a thriller aspect to it. Your writing is fluid and easy to read which is great for the young adult market you are targeting. However, it maybe good or bad for you, but I can see a lot of comparisons to Harry Potter. Though I see yours m... view book

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