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Communications consultant, business writer, blogger and novelist-to-be!

Munro is finished and about the same length as Moll Flanders, A Tale of Two Cities or Last of the Mohicans.

My goal in being here is to have people read and enjoy the book.... nothing more...

Please don't back the book unless you read and enjoy it... I am probably very bad at working systems, but I have finished Munro as a labour of love and thoroughly enjoyed the process! I really value those of you who have read and commented. Thats very valuable, and I thank you. I will definitely have a look at the pitches of any books you want, but please don't back mine unless you actually like it! It distorts my self-critical eye!

I do think there are some fab offerings on here, and I am certainly going to read a lot more of the works on here as soon as my day job calms down a bit!

favourite books

Jane Austen - all of them of course!
Patrick O'Brian - the Aubrey/Maturin series
All of Gore Vidal - especially Lincoln and Burr.
I was so gobsmacked by 'Wolf Hall' that i urge everyone on the planet to read it

my websites

www.ellisclarkassociates.com, http://bozo.typepad.    

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my books

Munro and the King of Sweden

Michael J Clark

A gentleman adventurer and his German comrade must survive the most evil of villains to escort a beautiful woman across the Balkans

Munro has survived the bloody battlefields of Marlborough's wars but his new life as a gentleman adventurer presents him with different but even more dangerous challenges. The King of Sweden is under threat from Peter the Great. Peter's agent, the evil Rostoff is a terrifying opponent who thinks nothing of murder and torture. Munro and Steiner must survive all this is they are to bring the beautiful Christina and vital secrets safely across a Balkan landscape filled with villainous mercenaries. But this turns out to be only the beginning of their problems. Sword in hand Munro must face troubles he has never faced before. And what will be more at risk? Munro's life or his heart?


Ruritanian Prologue

Michael Clark

Before Rudolf Rassendyll rescued the Prisoner of Zenda a much grittier and more dangerous agent confronted ruthless villains on the streets of Strelsau.

Of course everyone has heard of the adventure of Rudolf Rassendyll who rescues the Prisoner of Zenda and saves one of the oldest monarchies of Europe from a scandal. But only now can we reveal the true story of dirty politics and dirty money that lead Rassendyll to Zenda.

A British secret agent sent to Zenda to prevent the Balkans exploding into war uncovers more than he or his aristocratic masters could have bargained for following abrutal ambush on the back streets of Strelsau. Sword in one hand and Mauser automatic in the other the pursuer becomes the pursued.

When even survival seems unlikely can victory even be imagined?


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Care to do a review swap?

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I wrote 1012 days ago

it would help if you could let me know which bits of Balkan geography and history are at fault? view book

I wrote 1076 days ago

i wouldnt start with the extract instead of saying the boy;s parents were so awful, i;d have a little vignette about them that told us they were... harry potter';s step parents show us their awfulness...and that hooks us into him too view book

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