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I thought it might be fun to re-write my profile like a wanted ad on a dating website:

I like long walks in a steady rain, chai lattes and driving fast. I'd rather wear boxing gloves five days a week than pantyhose, and I love to travel (especially if I don't have to pay for it!) I have a peculiar talent for ruining oatmeal and I repel all manner of plantlife and technology. My four children finally are taller and bigger than me though I like to think I'm still smarter. I am currently repressing the visual artist inside of me so I have time to write. Paranormal romance is my preferred genre at the moment, but I used to say that about historical fiction which now makes me want to vomit (excepting Jane Austen, of course). I am unpublished, overaged, under-paid and overworked. I am rarely PC, always OCD and have a love/hate relationship with Autocorrect. The South is my home and I've never understood people who don't drink sweet iced tea.

Looking for an agent or publisher, but will settle for a date with the enigmatic Editor's Desk.

favourite books

Anything by Austen, Rand, Poe, Meyers, Doyle, Maberry, Clare, Sparks, Pearson, Barry, Collins or Lewis (as in C.S.), occasionally Jodi Piccoult.

I have some NEW favorites: Cinder & the Lunar Chronicles, Beautiful Creatures & books following, Open Minds & the Mindjack Trilogy, Under the Never Sky, City of Bones & the whole series, Exceptional by Jess Petosa, Blemished Series, Divergence Saga.

For my kids, we loved Peter and the Starcatchers, Series of Unfortunate Events, Percy Jackson, Etiquette & Espionage and books following, as well as The Sisters Grimm volumes.

my websites

http://www.createspace.com     http://www.amazon.com

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my books

Devil Went Down

S. W.

How far gone does a soul have to be for redemption to become impossible? Can a heart filled by darkness be tempted to love again?

Damian Capello is sent to Savannah with a mission-- one he has executed time and time again. He's an expert at what Lou pays him to do yet his latest target-- college freshman Emma Clare Grace-- turns out far more difficult than he imagined. What is the odd feeling that clouds his focus? It couldn't be love. No, he hadn't felt that in centuries. But how else could he explain the electricity that paralyzed him when they touched, or his reoccurring inclination to perform good deeds? The phenomenon of redemption and the miracle of love hang in the balance as divine hands tip the scales. Damian doesn't believe in second chances. Emma Clare believes in a lot of things and what she believes in most is him.


Love Again, Die Again


Anastasia Moreland must return to her hometown to save the family home. But she ends up returning to far more, more than she wants.

Giving up a higher-paying job in New York is only the beginning in her downward spiral. Stasia writes obituaries for the local newspaper but soon finds herself living them. She struggles to make the mortgage on the Estelle sisters family home but her greatest struggle is her infatuation with a certain dark, handsome mansion owner. Her editor would dearly love her to discover Emris' secret, but she may die trying. This romantic thriller defines madly in love in an entirely new light-- an eerie light which unearths an age-old conflict. Exactly what goes on in the palatial Rupert House on Largo Road?


The Heir of Hunde

S. W.

Bly endured childhood only to be visiting Kathy in jail, again. No future, no prospects until the accident. Her new home isn't what it seems.

She has been the only adult in her house since she was ten years old. Now, with Bly on the heels of graduation, her mother is in prison. As money runs out, she is forced to abandon her home in Florida and move to an obscure town in Oklahoma. There, she learns to live with a grandmother she barely knows. But on the way something horrible happens. She is rescued by a bearded, blue-eyed man who becomes her unwilling protector in a small town that's anything but safe.

Having abandoned her Arapaho heritage, she comes face to face with ancient myths and modern day monsters, reducing her life into one big chase. She finds love along the way, but not the sort to write home about. She is caught between loving the man she knows is dangerous and trusting the man she thinks isn't.

NOTE: This book is complete at 93,000 words. It is also available in a self-published Kindle version at Amazon and in paperback at www.createspace.com. Already working on a sequel!


The Prodigy Series: Book One, ....


Boston's most prestigious boarding school unintentionally becomes the nucleus of a century-old rivalry between twins struggling over a powerful resource: the Virtuoso.

Getting into Brighton Academy for the Arts was no easy task, neither was it cheap. But Virgil Chapman couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Unfortunately, the minute a beautiful and mysterious exchange student shows up in the middle of orchestra rehearsal, trouble began. Not only did this lovely new student put a snag in the attempts of other girls to rope Virgil into a date, but she introduced a fearsome, age-old struggle to her unsuspecting classmates. As Virgil slides deeper and deeper into his infatuation with Anya, the new girl, he makes a startling discovery about himself. Captivating audiences as first chair violinist is only the beginning. Virgil taps into his potential as never before. Cultures and eras collide as four teenagers combine their abilities to defeat a treacherous opponent, Anya's uncle. Enter a world of mind control, telekinetics and shape shifting as a ragtag group of art lovers re-write the future.


Dawn Rising

S. W.

Moving to Florida wasn't what Sam expected. Great weather, but worth the mess he was in? Was it worth where he ended up--- wandering cemeteries?

Something is definitely wrong with Blanche Gilbert, which is unfortunate because I think I’m falling in love with her. I’ve begun this journal of my encounters with her in the hope of organizing the bizarre. It likely won’t help, but I’m a historian, so what else would I do? Yesterday’s meeting put me over the edge, and the crazy thing is, I like being there. ‘There’ is wherever Blanche is, and since we first met in October the only place I see her is the cemetery behind my house. Strange? Sure as hell it’s strange, but that’s not the best part. She is (and I’ve had more experience than I care to admit) the most breathtaking woman I’ve ever met. My current dilemma, besides figuring out what on earth is going on, is my consuming desire to kiss her. No big deal, right? Maybe for every other guy, but kissing Blanche could get tricky. I suppose the basic problem is I’m not sure she’s….alive.

ABNA 2012

This is a complete work and available in both paperback and kindle versions at createspace & amazon.


Freaks Field


The only things on the Calder Farm that grow faster than kudzu are scary stories of children who crawled out of the corn field.

Charlene's lucky number is fifteen. It was her age, sure enough, but it was also the number of her daddy’s fire station, the number of trees in the family pecan grove, and the number of times she'd beaten Bubba MacIntire in a foot race and won money. And Farm Road Fifteen was where Heath lived. Lastly and most importantly, June 15th was the last day of school when her part in the story began.

There lies a farm in Crisp County that no one dares visit, not even the fool-hardy boys who named it Freaks Field. The fifty or so acres had no owner, least ways, not anymore. Charlene never dreamed of setting foot on that land until she met Heath. Now all sorts of strange things are happening in drought-stricken Georgia including several things that defy nature altogether.


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I wrote 106 days ago

Loving the sequel and wishing you had more chapters posted!!!! view book

I wrote 107 days ago

Apologies if this comment shows up twice. This is brilliant! Being from Jacksonville and knowing folks with Asperger's, I was already intrigued by your characters. But the writing is straightforward and well-organized, no errors to speak of and perfectly paced. I am reading some of the comments othe... view book

I wrote 181 days ago

This is very engaging but I got a little lost (like Lucian in the fog) inside the large italicized portion of backstory. I would suggest whittling it down or finding a way to break it into more manageably spaced bits. Great idea though! You've made some major changes since the last time I read this ... view book

I wrote 224 days ago

Just finished all chapters posted and CAN'T WAIT for Book Two!! The character development in this was incredible and so easily believable. The cinematic possibilities for this are endless. It had moments like Underworld with a strong, other-human female lead, but it also had 'coming-of-age' moments ... view book

I wrote 231 days ago

Chapters 2-6 This only keeps getting better. With the exception of several typos/punctuation issue in these more recent chapters (check out the accepted use of hyphens please), I have no negative comments. The shift from past to present and back again does not bother me in the least. In fact, it ... view book

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