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First name : Nwanne
Middle name: Emma
Last name: IBEGBULEM.

Folks! Lovers of history and Romance !!
Fellow authonomers !!!

Are you ready to experience a literary journey into 19th century Italy, and have a taste of old-time romance, passion and love?

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http://thedarkintruder.com      https://twitter.com/EmmaWriter

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THE DARK INTRUDER - The First ....

Emma N. Ibegbulem ....

Is he an emissary...a destructive force... a charlatan?
Or the charmer...the love activist , liberal in his devotion, blown in to steal her heart away?

1853 nears its end; a spoilt rich girl suddenly impoverished; the Italian Risorgimento: soldiers...brigands...cutthroats.

Victoria receives news of her father’s economic ruin, and she must return to Rome; a home she barely could remember.
The long expedition begins, fraught with danger. Country to country she journeys; steamship to steam locomotive, past to present, encounter to encounter...

Down the line, a deadly encounter: The Dark Stranger – Enrico Maria De Martis.

Who is he?

She arrives. She’s plunged into confusion... And progressing through events that will lead to romance, Villa Dorothea becomes the element in which the main part of the story moves, conditioning the transformation of both characters in a tangled web woven together by fate and passion; two opposing natures brought together for disaster by the catastrophic force.

Wartime distress does not decelerate the process of the ever growing involvement in attitude towards love; the dangerous game played, the charade... the atmosphere that radiates amid sanguinary atrocities of mid 19th century Italy.

The Dark Intruder reflects an urgent, passionate subject born, like in romantic bargains, of a tangled web woven by intrigue, charm, fear... It bears a message: “a stranger could come into your life steal your heart away.”


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Orlando Furioso wrote 443 days ago

I've found your book on amazon. I remember the bits I read and wld be....

Orlando Furioso wrote 443 days ago

Hi Emma Well done on getting through into amazon form. May I sugge....

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Hey Emma, I would luv for you to comment on my book Overlords Karm....

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I wrote 1219 days ago

.[Hi Neil, thanks a lot for your suggestions. The Dark Intruder is being edited at the moment, and will be updated soon. As for the phrase "in good mooring"; yes mooring refers to boats, ships and all that but it also describes elements providing safety and security] Emma, I have had The Dark In... view book

I wrote 1375 days ago

Johanna, this is a great piece, however, I agree with Kepler regarding the backstory. You don't have to leave it out completely though. You could dole it out bit by bit, at regular intervals, giving the reader time to get to know your MC (i.e. through reactions, expressions and response to her intr... view book

I wrote 1383 days ago

This is a great story but your use of "of" : around the age of fifteen (maybe around 15 years old or so): - a blade three fingers in width... (try a three-finger wide blade) and the sentence that follows this is a big confusing; check punctuation here -too many adjectives tend to slow it a bit... view book

I wrote 1386 days ago

Tom, this is a great read; very evocative, and your characters are so touchingly realistic. Oh the child, I could picture the innocent curiosity on his face whenever he put forth a questions. I applaud your skill in creating this very realistic diaglogue between the mother and child. Emma Philip... view book

I wrote 1387 days ago

Unique characterization; unique voice and a great read! Backed with pleasure. Emma Philips The Dark Intruder view book

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