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I've had great fun with the Caterpillar, and am working on the sequel. But just to keep you entertained in the meantime I've put up a thriller from many years ago, under the sensible thriller pen name of Robert Scott. It found me an agent, but ultimately no deal. It could do with revision, but I've decided just to put it up as it is. Read it just for fun, and I'd welcome any feedback and criticism. I will edit it in line with your input. Praise will be discounted. Sorry, but I can't return reads until I've worked my way through all the others I currently owe...

The Caterpillar is now available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon (search for Zane Stumpo).

There's a new website at zanestumpo.com. There are links from that to the trailer, the audio of Chapter 1, the blog and so on.

I am currently unrepresented.
I can be contacted at: zane@northlight.tv

favourite books

Douglas Adams is God, combining the dafter implications of science with a wonderful comic imagination. Robert Rankin has a stream-of-consciousness looniness on the page which makes me laugh.

'The Meaning of Liff' - Douglas Adams and John Lloyd
'Delete This At Your Peril' - Neil Forsyth
'The Wasp Factory' - Iain Banks
'The Last Oil Shock' - David Strahan
'Adventures In The Screen Trade' - William Goldman
'Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner' - James Hogg

my websites

http://www.zanestumpo.com     http://zane-stumpo.blogspot.co.uk

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my books

Capital Offence

Robert S. Scott

Two brothers, madness on a motorbike, a policeman dies. One surrenders so the other can escape. But the debt will bind them fatally together, forever.

Two brothers, fired up with motorbikes, beer, women and the reckless relish of a summer night. A night which ends with the death of a policeman. As vehicles blaze Dave gives himself up so that Jamie can escape. Dave’s life spirals downwards. He disappears down south, while Jamie goes on to complete his law degree. A decade later he becomes first Prime Minister of a newly independent Scotland. Political horsetrading leads to a referendum on capital punishment. The public is shocked by a brutal sexual murder the night before the vote, and to the politicians’ horror the death penalty is reintroduced. The killer has been caught red-handed, and the hours tick by as the legal process draws closer to the time of his execution. But when the Prime Minister receives a plea for clemency he discovers that he and the killer are linked by unbreakable bonds from that summer of heedless abandon - and more than one life may be at stake...

Stupendous piece of storytelling - brilliant writing.
Massive creative energy.
Jimmy McGovern - Writer, 'Cracker', 'The Street', 'Hillsborough'


Schrödinger's Caterpillar

Zane Stumpo

Help! My book’s been hijacked by a deranged narrator! He’s turned an exploration of parallel universes into a total farce. Now I look completely ridiculous.

Graham Paint is a downsizing consultant, and sick of it. One morning he misses his bus when he stops to put a strange caterpillar in a matchbox. As the bus passes he’s shocked to spot himself inside. Like Schrödinger’s Cat in the famous quantum thought experiment, the caterpillar's spawned parallel possibilities.  This comic novel explores Graham’s search for a better life among the various overlapping alternatives.

Another clone, Grim Dupeint, is a loathsome international arms dealer. Graham infiltrates Grim’s corporation, then embezzles cash for charity. When a furious Grim realises, Graham must act fast. And right now he's acting like fish food.

Graham launches upon a new lifestyle (and sex life) as he dons the designer suits of power. But sinister figures soon see through Graham’s clothing.

Now Graham’s under attack from the corporation, the police, his ex-wife’s private detective, and an infuriatingly pompous water-colourist who Graham might have been if he’d gone to art college rather than business school. To survive (and steal the artist’s wonderful woman) Graham needs to find hidden resources. 

By definition Dopplegraham’s equally resourceful. 


Schrödinger's Caterpillar - a stupid book for brainy people!


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