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christian & nature lover who wants to write a book and not sure where to start

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Pride & Prejudice
Harry Potter Series

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Tim Waters wrote 70 days ago

Hi, here's an excellent Christian book for you to read/back. It has s....

Lenny Banks wrote 494 days ago

Hi M.L, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and nothi....

Barbara W. Bland wrote 519 days ago

Thank you for backing my book 'The Lovers From Atlantis'. I see from....

Adam Thurstman wrote 639 days ago

Hi M L Tommas I'd be very grateful if you could please take a quic....

AudreyB wrote 643 days ago

Hi, there—I’ve maintained a list of past and present backers (that I ....

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I wrote 525 days ago

i read through most of what was here. there were a few sections i skipped since i was already familiar with the biblical passages you referenced. this is some pretty good and sound advice for Christian women, mixed up with stories true to the spirit and to our modern lives good luck with this boo... view book

I wrote 662 days ago

i dont read a lot of books like this, but i've found a few on this site that were really interesting. i liked yours a lot. good luck with the editors desk thing and i hope you make it i like the themes you pursue in this book, so even while it isnt something i normally read it was interesting goo... view book

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