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For now I'm a part-time authonomy member. I'll still get any messages or comments though so feel free to get in touch :)

With my first novel completed at 55,000 words, I want to make people aware of my book. By being a member of this writing community, I hope to be able to draw on the points of view of other writers to improve my work and hopefully become published. Authonomy was recommended to me by a published author - it seems like a lot of valuable discussions and discoveries take place here! 
As an avid reader of many genres, I'll also be reading and commenting on the work of other Authonomists. 

PLEASE NOTE - I'm happy to accept read swaps but I'm quite selective about adult fiction: if you want me to read your book, please send me an advance warning about strong sex, gore etc.

July 2013 - The Boy From The Next Dimension is undergoing a HUGE edit, so if anyone's planning to read it I'd appreciate it if you could wait until I've got my new chapters uploaded.

****NEW!! Ask my main character from Etiquette questions!! See the link in my websites.****

favourite books

The Undrowned Child - Michelle Lovric
Dracula - Bram Stoker
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
Mort - Terry Pratchett
Folio Book of Historical Mysteries - Folio Society.
Ingo - Helen Dunmore
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Life as we knew it - Susan Pfeffer
Alice in time - Penelope Bush
Dreaming of Amelia - Jaclyn Moriarty

I briefly review books I've recently enjoyed on every one of my blog posts, as well as posting artwork that accompanies my newest project, Etiquette - see the link below :)

my websites

http://ask.fm/CamFromEtiquette     http://theblogfromthenextdimension.blogspot.com/

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books


Isabel Parkinson

One girl's mission to become a lady...

When Cam is made to swap her modern school of two thousand pupils for a three-hundred year old boarding school in the countryside, she is sure that she knows what to expect: serious girls whose hobbies don't extend beyond Latin and chess and buying sensible knee-length skirts. But she's faced with a very different reality and her past experiences are rendered useless in this glamorous place, where lunch doubles up as an etiquette lesson and incorrect napkin placement can earn you social exclusion. Cam finds friends who take it upon themselves to remodel her into the elegant, upstanding Camilla - but it's not easy. Cam is stubborn, wears nothing but jeans and has never eaten a canapé in her life.


The Boy From The Next Dimensio....

Isabel Parkinson

One pre-planned encounter changes her life forever...

Natalie was a normal teenage girl. Her priorities were schoolwork, her friends, and competing on her new pony.
That all changes after a chance meeting with a strange boy from another dimension of this world, a dimension which faces dire problems of its own. Natalie finds herself swept up in a tidal wave of danger, excitement, mystery, and endless opportunities.
But what started out as fun quickly turns into a terrifying fight for her life and the lives of the people she loves. Natalie is faced with impossible decisions, conflicting emotions, and dark secrets – secrets about the people she thought she could trust.


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I wrote 243 days ago

** Ask Cam questions at ask.fm/CamFromEtiquette ** Please start each question with a chapter reference so "Cam" can answer accordingly!! Isabel :) view book

I wrote 244 days ago

Just read chapter one and wanted to get a comment posted! Ch1 A great first chapter - enough information to contextualise with it being an 'info dump' but not so much that the mystery was lost. The following sentence seemed to read a little clumsily, due to the repetition of her: "Her father's ... view book

I wrote 418 days ago

YALF Review - Twell The idea behind your book is brilliant - a futuristic story, combining romance with war. I can imagine reading this pitch in a bookshop. Ch1 - Ch4 (I know you have a lot of feedback on these so I just read them to contextualise the later chapters.) I enjoyed Twell's teena... view book

I wrote 481 days ago

Came here with the intention of reading one or two stories, and ended up reading the lot! One of the funniest and most unique books on Authonomy; very well-written with extremely likeable characters and crazy story lines: Sergei, the Madge/Joe interactions, Betsy, Fatbusters... Loved every bit! I... view book

I wrote 495 days ago

YALF Review - The Cabinet of Curiosities. Love the title, for a start - it's amazing what four words can do! Seems just right for a quirky, magical YA novel! I didn't find a problem with the pacing. Yes, it's a leisurely pace, but Pelly's narrative voice is so catchy, and I didn't feel the ne... view book

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