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**Currently seeking representation and agents can contact me at cara.g159@gmail.com. Any Authonomites wishing to contact me please use the address goldcara6@gmail.com

**Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me, and helped 'Dawn of Destruction' make the desk! I won't forget it :)

I've had an incredible journey on Authonomy: made some amazing friends, improved my writing beyond imaginable, and gained a lot more confidence and self-belief. I’ve also realized why I write; for the joy of it. It just makes me so happy to be able to share books with all you incredibly talented authors!

I'm not that active on the site anymore.. keeping my head stuck in law books and trying to earn money whilst studying... so my sincere apologies if I don't reply for ages. I don't mean to be impolite, and I do appreciate the ongoing support and that people still read my books! Happy writing :)


I’ve been working on a series of nine fantasy novels for six years now, and am currently doing final edits of my first book.

In my opinion, fantasy is just another way of portraying reality – and that is what I attempt to do in my work.
I love philosophical discussions, and exploring who we are and what it means to be human. I am also fascinated by psychological turmoil, and the internal struggles of individuals.

In my books, I bring together warring worlds and troubled characters. I explore the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, in terms of how we each see events in a unique way.

And I show how nothing, nothing, is ever black or white.

I hope for my work to provoke thought and reflection on our own world and society, whilst being balanced by its lighter edge :)

Thanks to everyone who will stop by for a read! My first book, The Awakening: Dawn of Destruction is complete at 90,000 words and just under half of it is uploaded here. A small taster of book two, The Awakening: A World in Turmoil is also uploaded for those interested... also complete but the rest of the manuscript in need of editing.

And a bit more about me... besides writing, I am an aspiring International lawyer, a truth and justice seeker, a dancer and a fencer... fascinated by physics and really anything that attempts to explain how the world goes around!

* Thank you to my brother Austin Goldthorpe for the cover design - amazing! He has also done "Tamria" and "The Vedeine Saga: Deception"
* Thank you to artist/photographer David King for the amazing profile photo!
**Map can be found on my Facebook page. Thanks to my brother for creating the digital image from my sketches!

A few acknowledgements :)

In particular, I'd like to thank James Gravil ("Tamria"), Lucy Middlemass ("Jinger Barley and the Murkle Moon"), Collin Tobin ("Human Black Box") for their ongoing editorial support, and in particular ****Ivan Amberlake**** ("Diary of the Gone") for actually proofreading my ENTIRE manuscript - he's a star!

Also, Scott Toney ("The Ark of Humanity") for the endless encouragement, and Brian Bandell ("Mute") and "Magicweaver" for support since the very beginning.

My amazing cheerleaders ;) Ashley Strachan ("The Vedeine Saga: Deception), which you can buy on Amazon! and Melissa Simonson ("White Noise")

Last but not least, Michael Dale ("Rude Awakening") for asking me to count the number of 'was' in my prologue, which has led me to rewrite a substantial part of my book in order to eliminate any unnecessary passive voice!!
Mike Lee (http://www.amazon.com/Fey-ebook/dp/B005FMB4KS) for the priceless advice on developing complexity in my male characters especially :)

All these authors mentioned are extremely talented, I would highly recommend a read of their work ;)

More acknowledgements at http://www.authonomy.com/forums/threads/99287/my-bookshelf-just-exploded/

favourite books

Stephen Donaldson - The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever
Ian Irvine - Three Worlds Cycle
Traci Harding - The Ancient Future Trilogy
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Prisoner of Heaven
M.M. Kaye - The Far Pavilions
Margaret Atwood - Cat's Eye

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cara-Goldthorpe/3834     http://breakwaterharborbooks.weebly.com

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

my books

The Awakening: A World in Turm....

Cara Goldthorpe

The oppressed people of Nemanipel finally unite against their dark leaders. But as more civilians die, the enemy continues lurking in the polluted earth.

Once there were two intermingling Orders of Light and Dark, existing together in harmony.

But now Nemanipel is a ruined world, the people suffering under the tyranny and oppression of the Dark Masters. Servants of the Dark Gods, these men practice bloodthirsty rituals and have destroyed the earth through their abuse of natural energies.

Maria, an orphaned runaway and secret follower of the Light, joins with others to finally restore peace. But her journey takes her far from loved ones, and plunges her into another struggle just as horrific.

The Order of Light fights to crush the Dark Masters; but as long as hatred, greed and vengeance remain, evil will prevail.

The Awakening: A World in Turmoil is the second book of ‘The Fires of Light and Dark’ series. Set on the world of the enemy Henalas, it begins a new thread in the saga and can be read without completion of the first. However, parallels emerge between the chaos afflicting both worlds. For the fates of two Meridisian princesses are inexorably interlinked with the plans of those who command the Henalas Emperor himself…

**Uploaded chapters are a work in progress


The Awakening: Dawn of Destruc....

Cara Goldthorpe

She told stories to fill an empty spirit, hiding from the truth. But the world bleeds from enemy wounds, and she cannot run forever.

It is Midsummer Day, and the sun dawns over a city resonating with the sounds of Life. The people honour their Triple Gods, and celebrate the third year gone by without an enemy siege.

But they are oblivious to a new threat that is coming.

Her Natural Balance disrupted, the world of Meridisia plunges into chaotic struggle. In the midst of it all, one lonely storyteller, one lost girl, grapples with assuming a new identity. Uprooted from poverty, and thrust amongst the powerful, suddenly she must make the right choices to save her people.

But she will learn that nothing is ever simple.

When the enemy strangle your home with flames, seize your loved ones and crush your hope, dark emotions grow within like a gangrenous disease.

And then, no one is a hero.


The Awakening: Dawn of Destruction is the first book of ‘The Fires of Light and Dark’ series. With poetic prose, spiritual links and symbolic layers, this tale explores the plight of the human race – in all its weakness and glory.


Map of Meridisia on my Facebook page (see profile)


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