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Hiiiiii!:) My name is Jazmin (the cute dog in the photo is named Rambo)
I've managed to upload the first three chapters of my book, the others are old and need a lot of work, so I wouldn't even look at them. (I'm busy working on them)
I'm 18, so I go to school (unfortunately) and will be taking important exams this month (so I'll probably won't be around). I'm not really bothered about reaching the editors desk, what I really need is advice and helpt with the book, so I'd love to meet people who think like me and just really want some advice...
Oh, and anyone with YA fiction out there, let me now... I am 18, so I am the type of audience youre searching for! xD
I live in Spain with my parents and my grandfather, though, if I'm extremely lucky and get through my exams I'll be moving to Cambridge!!!!To study English literature and Creative Writing to improve my writing! Lucky meeee xD If not, I'll be staying here in Spain and study Film studies :)

favourite books

Nicholas Sparks
Dean Koontz
Rachel Caine
Charlaine Harris
Laura Gallego Garcia (Spanish writer)

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Eternal Darkness


Ever believed in vampires?
Start now because fangs have never been juicier...

(Please do not read after chapter one, the rest of the chapters have not been edited properly) Thank you!=D
Scarlet Lock, seventeen year old who has been a vampire since 1963 and who wishes to be everything but immortal. Sunset Valley seems like the best place to start off, but neither vampires nor humans are going to let her "live". Scarlet will have to fight to keep as human as possible while criticised for being what she most hates. And to make it even worse, she will have to choose who her dead heart belongs to, the vampire boy or the human boy who is about to turn into her worst enemy.


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Weaver Reads wrote 812 days ago

February 1, 2012~ JFJ, I must compose and send this letter of grat....

TisWorthy wrote 820 days ago

I see you haven't been in Authonomy for awhile. When you do please ex....

lovemenow wrote 842 days ago

rosesobab@yahoo.com My name is miss Rose.i saw your profile today ....

Caitlin Avery wrote 844 days ago

Hello! I am hoping to get my self-published book on the editor's des....

Jack Cerro wrote 858 days ago

If you enjoy a good puzzle, you may enjoy this re-imagining of the my....

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I wrote 1097 days ago

Hello!!!! how are you?:) Well, I usually don't read these types of books though I have read Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion so many times I believe to know it off by heart xD so when I saw this I thought it might be something of the same style!Don't get many on this sight!:) The writting style is ... view book

I wrote 1098 days ago

Hello!:) First off, I love vampire books so when I saw this I just had to start reading it! This would be good for YA market, though you mustn't forget to show and not tell. The voice of your mc is really strong which is great- hard to find such strong voices nowadays in books- and the writing is ... view book

I wrote 1098 days ago

Hey!!! I started reading this because the tittle was really intriguing! This looks like a good YA book, which is needed lately because the market isn't going very well (or maybe its just me finding the wrong books on Amazon xd) I'm 18, so I love reading YA, and love to try to help authors who write ... view book

I wrote 1098 days ago

Hiii!! I started reading this, and thought it was really original! Now, I tell a lot of people to buy this book (a long time ago another person on this site told me to do so and helped a lot) Self- editing for fiction writers by renni browne and dave king. It helps a lot when you get to the editing ... view book

I wrote 1098 days ago

How do you want me to call you? :) I started reading this book because I saw it on the desk thing (however its called) and said, okay let's see... I love reading YA, probably because I'm only 18, so I like to help out authors that are writing for my age group. I started with this and liked it. It'... view book

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