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Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, after ten years practicing law, Stuart got tired of telling other people's lies, and decided to tell some of his own.

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Anything by Willie Morris or Eudora Welty
Anything by Gogol, Gorky, or Akhmatova

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High Cotton

Stuart Phillips

In rural Mississippi, can a gay black man get a fair trial when he's accused of molesting a child? Does it even matter?

Deep in the Delta, a gay black man is accused of molesting a young child. High Cotton follows Will Luckman, the young lawyer saddled with defending him as he confronts the nexus of racism, and homophobia, in the town and in himself. Along the way, he begins to believe that his client is a rarity - an innocent man. But, is that enough?

Complete at 100,000 words.


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I wrote 1592 days ago

the world needs Bibles, not another mediocre writer. Thankfully, you're not mediocre. Very engaging, clear prose that moves you forward through the filthy reality of life with its all-too-human foibles -- rich girlfriend but you still want to screw the roommate, for example. gladly shelved. ... view book

I wrote 1593 days ago

Very sweet. I'd have read this to my girl at 4 -- we still love Henry Huggins and Pippi Longstocking. For the age group you're targeting, you've got a nice little story, written so they can follow the plot and stay engaged. stuart high cotton view book

I wrote 1593 days ago

I like the characters, and the plot is moving along quickly. I'm not a fan of the repeated foreshadowing in early chapter one -- there are numerous points where he "feels" something's about to happen. I think this could be handled more quickly, then show his distraction or unease without constantl... view book

I wrote 1608 days ago

Blerg. That is a particularly calculated bit of nastiness to open with, but it reads quite well. I wasn't completely buying the reasoned thoughts of Colette as she watches the men, and it isnt really necessary, since we've already seen what they're doing. Maybe just have her recognize the one and... view book

I wrote 1610 days ago

Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, how many preachers like this have I known? More than I care to admit. It's the small moments that draw Rev. Jackson's personality -- the man who has lost his spiritual path, yet is still touched by a grade-school medal being donated. That, my friend, is charac... view book

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