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The first six chapters of Lord Randle's Willy (not as rude as it sounds!) have just been uploaded and I would love to get some feedback on this sequel to Lord Randle's Wee.

A very big thanks to the amazing caricature artist and novelist Brian 'Tudor' Morrison (Blister) for the new cover which is just too small to be fully appreciated. I have uploaded it as my avatar so that the detail can be better observed.

NB2: If you have difficulty in locating my book, please type in the title or Stewart Carry or Vanessa Darnleigh and follow the link...the ones below don't seem to be 'active'!

Alternatively, please e-mail me at: carryok2003@yahoo.com

favourite books

Unfortunately I'm not too good at remembering authors and have tended to gravitate recently towards non-fiction, perhaps in an attempt to clear my own head and focus on whatever ideas I can safely call my own.

I used to enjoy Tom Sharpe's novels when younger, especially at 35,000 feet. Michael Palin and Paul Thoreaux are also among my favourites.

Other authors whose works I have loved include
HE Bates
Frank O'Connor
Liam Flaherty
Spike Milligan
JR Tolkien
Roald Dahl

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Lord Randle's Willy

Stewart R Carry

In the sequel to Lord Randle's Wee, obsession, excess and downright skulduggery reach mind-boggling heights once again as His Lordship searches for his long-lost Willy.

Charles Bunton, Lord Randle, now in his seventies, has no heir apart from an illegitimate son from his brief but happy relationship with a native girl in Kenya’s Happy Valley before the outbreak of World War 2.

Unfortunately, he has no idea where the boy is. In steps the inscrutable Edward Watkins, Lord Randle’s intrepid butler, whose efforts to trace the young man finally culminate in success…in spite of the attempts of Patrick Maguire, a Soho private detective and conman, to blackmail everyone concerned.

Meanwhile Sir Lawrence Digby-Pimm of the Manor in Randle has become Supreme Commander of Her Majesty’s forces in the Far East. He is a bully and a womanizer. After an extraordinary encounter with William Ponsonby (Charles Bunton’s heir) and a series of disastrous affairs with assorted maids and nannies, flees Singapore and then Malaya to return to Randle to reclaim what he believes to be rightfully his. He gets far more than he bargained for.

Charles holds a banquet to celebrate the return of his son, William, bringing nearly all of the characters together in an event that provides many with their most startling revelations so far.


The Randle Chronicles : Lord R....

Stewart R Carry

The inhabitants of Randle come under close scrutiny as erectile dysfunction and salmon poaching combine in a good-humoured tale of dark desire and consuming passions.

The arrest of a poacher opens up a much bigger can of worms than Lord Randle could possibly have imagined. The future of his beloved Wee and its precious stocks of salmon hang in the balance.

Lady Randle's behaviour has become more and more erratic as she plunders the wine cellar beneath the Hall and appears in the most unexpected places at the most inappropriate times. Confrontation with His Lordship seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, Cecil-Brunt, owner of the Pink Palace Resort next door, wants to expand his shady business! His greedy eyes are firmly fixed on the Wee's bounty and its potential to be turned into a smoked version of itself.

More trouble brews when Chan Man Ho opens a traditional Chinese dispensary in Randle High Street. Unfortunately, the essential ingredient for his ‘organ rejuvenation balm’ lies at the bottom of the Wee. What to do, lah?

James Brinkley, poacher and full-time layabout, finds his skills in great demand. It doesn't take long before a conflict of interests arises between Luke Delaney, Cecil Brunt and Chan Man Ho with Brinkley caught in the middle.

With demand for the rejuvenation balm outstripping supply, the future of Randle's flagging organs seems bleak!


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I wrote 1113 days ago

I can't imagine a comment from a so-called professional reviewer being less relevant and as entirely useless and unhelpful as that! It's an absolute disgrace and makes me feel genuinely sorry for all the time and effort that you put into the writing and the process of getting to the Ed's desk. If an... view book

I wrote 1213 days ago

May I suggest too many 'bleddies' and too much vomit...the endless repetition can often have the opposite effect to the one intended by the writer...just a thought! Merry Xmas Stewart view book

I wrote 1213 days ago

Whether your story is true or not is quite beside the point...it's so full of basic grammatical errors that it is virtually unreadable to the discerning eye. I'm not trying to be mean only honest. Most of the comments made below are simply misleading...get this edited or get a ghost writer! Merry X... view book

I wrote 1236 days ago

I spent some time working in SA before independence and the best thing about life there was being white. I'm sure you had no intention of politicising your story but spare a thought for those who know what life was really like at that time...especially if they happened to be black! The childlike exu... view book

I wrote 1242 days ago

With English-speaking and writing colonial administrators of this calibre, no wonder Malaya became independent! This is a great laugh and could easily be converted into a great novel...fictional of course! view book

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