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I am a retired woman living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am currently co-director of a local writers' association and am published in The Poetry Garden.

A Shamrock On The Prairie and A Shamrock On The Verandah, the second book in the Shamrock series, are now available for purchase in paperback form on Amazon.com, or you can read the Ebooks for $1.99.

Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie is the third book in the Shamrock series.

I can be contacted at meg.wearing@yahoo.com.

favourite books

The Dubliners by James Joyce
Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
Anything by Mary Stuart or Andrew Greeley

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http://www.amazon.com/A-Shamrock-On-The-Prairie-eb     http://www.amazon.com/Shamrock-On-The-Verandah-Ser

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my books

Charlie Parker's Corner Of The....

Meg Wearing

When a half-breed opens his heart and home to others like himself, he encounters evil that threatens their very lives.

Charlie Parker and his wife, Polly enjoy a simple life on the Kansas prairie at the end of the nineteenth century. Their world is filled with county fairs, harvest festivals and horse races. And along with the good, they are all too aware that death, ravages of the elements, and disabilities of the body and mind lurk around each corner.

When their home is destroyed by a tornado, their pleasant existence is turned upside down. They are forced to move into the small town of Abilene while they rebuild. And while walking its streets, Charlie encounters an old nemesis: one who despises the Indian blood flowing through Charlie's veins.

Will the mysterious death of his mother be re-visited? Will the lives of Charlie and their half-breed children also be threatened? Charlie is once again reminded that the prejudice that wronged his ancestors is still a reality in his world.

Charlie Parker's Corner Of The Prairie is the third novel in The Shamrock series.


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Sharahzade wrote 2 days ago

Hello Meg, Thank you for the invitation to read your work. Whilst....

Forgotten Fairytale wrote 3 days ago

Dark Reflection #1 would be good. Thanks! :)

DJ-Gargoyle Chronicles wrote 11 days ago

Hi Meg, thanks for sparing some shelf space for Maia :DJ

DJ-Gargoyle Chronicles wrote 13 days ago

You know Meg, I rarely respond to the odd friendly SPAM, but I have h....

Richard Allen wrote 20 days ago

Meg, thank you for introducing me to your book "Charlie Parker's Cor....

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I wrote 18 days ago

Dear Comment readers, After reading several comments in the same vein as this, I have re-written Chapter 2 to reflect Polly's consternation. view book

I wrote 21 days ago

I read The (un)Ordinary LIfe of Minh. The writing is good; it flows well and the dialogue is adequate. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the story. I guess it has more of a YA slant to it, which I'm unaccustomed to reading. Best of luck with this. Meg Wearing view book

I wrote 51 days ago

This is a well-written piece, but I find it rather dis-jointed. The first two chapter read like a psychological experiment - an essay contemplating what it would be like to lose one's memory. By the time the third chapter begins, a plot starts to emerge, but the dialogue is not very natural soundi... view book

I wrote 54 days ago

This is a very well-written piece. The first paragraph opens with good descriptive imagery, although I think I would leave out the defecating lions; it ventures into TMI. The ruminations of the criminals flows well. In paragraph two, I noticed a sentence "should leave the child behind." I wonder... view book

I wrote 61 days ago

This is a lovely tribute to a loved one, long lost - beautifully written. I wish you luck with it. Meg Wearing view book

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