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Cooking, reading. Often simultaneously.

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All of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Particularly the witch stories and the guard stories.
His Dark Materials By Phillip Pullman
I capture the castle By Dodi Smith
Will you please be quiet please? By Raymond Carver
The Secret History By Donna Tartt
Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice and zombies By Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
Neil Gaiman.
Comics (DC not Marvel)
The Divine Comedy by Dante.
Paradise lost.
Oh so many wonderful books, so little inclination to list them all.

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The Hather House

A. C. Wiles

See your colour in the sky, know your purpose 'til the day you die.

When Clementine is sent to the Hather House on her birthday she expects three months spent like all the other sixteen year olds - learning about her aura and its colour and determining what her purpose in life will be. Her Da saw green and became a marvellous carpenter. Her Ma saw red and reads fortunes for the Witchery Wanderers. But nothing is ever simple. She's mocked by house dwellers for being a wanderer and treated with suspicion when her colour turns out to be no normal kind of colour at all. And there's a boy who screams for her in her dreams, his mouth a blur of red panic. She wants to keep her head down and get out unscathed but when a student with no apparent colour goes missing during the night Clementine finds herself poking around in dark places and The Hather House has some horrifying secrets to share.


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Software wrote 40 days ago

Dear August74, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be....

M.J. Fahy wrote 74 days ago

Oh, Thea/Tatty, I'm so glad you finished it!! That's such wonderful n....

M.J. Fahy wrote 134 days ago

I hope you're busy writing. I'm going to give Toads, Tarts and Ta....

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EBUE wrote 211 days ago

hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

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I wrote 235 days ago

I like the concept very much and I think it is well written. I don't think its a young adult book, I think your audience is a bit younger 8 to 12, that sort of area. It has the same fable quality that children's books in a previous era had. Such as The lion the witch and the wardrobe. And you use ou... view book

I wrote 305 days ago

Hello! How lovely to hear from you. :) Not procrastinating but I'm on tour in Australia with a band at the moment so I'm writing a blog about that. I shall continue with Hather in earnest in two weeks. Hope you are well? Xx view book

I wrote 383 days ago

I've read three chapters so far and I'm certain I'll be reading much more. Compelling story that really feels like its going somewhere great. I very much enjoyed the first meeting between Straker and Robinson. Their immediate affinity. I chose your book because of its title, I love anything about w... view book

I wrote 442 days ago

Reads like a cross between a Dickensian novel and a Grimm's Fairytale. Very unusual and compelling. Artfully written and delicious use of language. I do like the word 'fiend'. The imagery is beautiful - stars and milk bottles - and the children almost ethereal in their loving misery. I'm backing it... view book

I wrote 442 days ago

Despite the modern elements to the story - the bit where fire turned itself in to a naked version of Minty made me giggle - it reads almost like a traditional fairytale. The arrival of the Faery King and the flowers popping up in the wake of his footsteps is really charming and feels like a memory ... view book

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