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I live in the Midlands UK.

My main hobbies are Snooker and Coarse Fishing, and I have been fortunate enough to have fished in some exotic places

Getting involved with the Authonomy site has improved my writing. The constructive comments I received for my first book on this site were taken on board and have been used.
The book has now been published. My thanks to all who helped.

PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to spend much time on the site, so asking for backings etc. may not be responded to for some time.

I am actively seeking representation for the novel I am at present working on. An action thriller titled 'No Options'.

Contact E.mail - lindenlad@gmail.com

favourite books

Lee Child's -Jack Reacher novels
Other well read authors - John Grisham
Vince Flynn
Ken Follett

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Brian Bandell wrote 407 days ago

Hi Al, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently poste....

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I wrote 1073 days ago

Margaret (BECOMING A LADY) This is not my normal sort of read, but browsing the site your pitch for the book sounded interesting and I read three chapters. It is a pleasant story and well written. Your writing is very descriptive and you make it easy for the reader to imagine being there. I als... view book

I wrote 1093 days ago

Brian (Mute) I don't normally read SF but the pitch was good and didn't show much of that genre. Read the prologue and first chapter. This is such good, descriptive writing I am backing it. It will stay on my shelf for reading more of, later. This book should do well for you. Al view book

I wrote 1099 days ago

I'm not a fan of fantasy or horror, but the pitch of your book sounded intriguing. SEASONS, quite a different way of writing a novel. Probably difficult to make detailed comments because we are reading someones diary, and most people write a diary as they think. Different and clever, but I'm not su... view book

I wrote 1110 days ago

Richard The prologue is one of the most powerful openings I've read on authonomy. . You have created an excellent story which is full of suspense, and very descriptive. I managed to read 3 Chapters; wish I had time for more. It's on my shelf and backed with 6 stars. My only comment is, wat... view book

I wrote 1151 days ago

Robert Got your message. Read your pitch for Arelan Dreams and first three chapters - wish I had time for more. From what you have told us in your profile, I would class this book almost as an autobiography. It sounds as if you had a great experience. Your writing is very good. You lead the rea... view book

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