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Writer of fantasy, Dystopia, and paranormal fiction for YA and adult.
I'm a busy-business major, a mother of two boys, and I have an awesome husband.
I like to travel, read, write, play the piano, the violin and to sing christmas music year round.

Thanks to anyone who even looks at my books and a big hug to anyone who shelves . . .xoxoxxo Thanks-

favourite books

Sundays at Tiffany's ( Robert Petterson)
Vampire Academy, and the Succubus series by (Richelle Mead)
Forest of Hands and Teeth, at her companion-The Dead Tossed Waves
Malice( Lisa Jackson)
Gone with the wind
Little women
Mortal Instruments
House of Night Series
The Note Book
A Bend in the Road ( also a Sparks Novel)
Percy Jackson series
Strange Angels
Brother DaggerHood series

my websites

https://twitter.com/#!/AlissaTHunter     http://www.inkpop.com/users/alissa-t-hunter

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my books

Malicious: a Morning Star Inst....

Alissa T. Hunter

The balance of Heaven and Hell is in the hands of seventeen year old Desdemona Starr, aka the Devil's daughter.

What if the Devil had a daughter who rebelled against Hell’s way of life?

Being the daughter to the Devil has its draw backs, just ask seventeen-year-old Desdemona Starr, aka Dessi, who attends the Morning Star Institute, a private school where teenage Hellions, paranormals like Dessi, can learn and practice their Hell-given crafts. There Dessi’s life takes a dramatic turn towards chaos when she learns she’s part of a prophecy foretelling that she will one day tip the scale of Light or Dark, ultimately creating a war between Heaven and Hell.

Dessi finds herself at the top of the hit list when soul-sucking demons attack the institute in an attempt to kill Dessi and end the prophecy. Thankfully, Dessi has two of the strongest teenage shape-shifting-Hellhound-boys and other fellow Morning Star pupils on her side to help thwart the demon attacks. But, even though she has won this battle, until she chooses her path and the prophecy ends, her internal war between Light and Dark is not over. Danger could be lurking around the corner at any time, but next time with the help of her friends, she’ll be ready!


Sin City Vampires, Forbidden

Alissa T. Hunter

Vampires hide among us. When Faith wakes as one, she becomes desperate to remember her past, only, some things are best forgotten . . .

Faith’s trying to keep as much humanity as she can, but struggles because let’s face it everyone’s gotta eat right? But thanks to her night job as a flare bartender in a Las Vegas club, she gets to choose her victims wisely and aims for murderers', rapists', and cheating husbands'—oh-and the cheating wives too.

Things were going boringly well at the club until a C.S.I agent, new in town, shows up and turn her new life into a crazy roller coaster ride of danger, excitement and the deepest temptation Faith could possibly fathom. Things get complicated when the detective begins working the cases that she is responsible for. When Faith and the detective discover how good a very wrong romance can be, her jealous creator tries to end them both.
Faith discovers her creator has kept a deep dark secret, and now Faith has to choose between bonding with the man and vampire responsible for her new life and the man she loves. Will Faith be able to save her detective from an insanely possessive vampire? Let’s hope so or else, it’ll be his neck this time around.


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I wrote 1092 days ago

I like animal protection books, (Black hills by Nora Roberts is a good one). Scarlett O'Hara on speed is a funny visual and gives us a look at the humor used througout the novel. Interesting careers you have chosen, Beer connoisseur, Blump it up news writer, strange animal shelter/scnreenwriter guy ... view book

I wrote 1344 days ago

Soooo gooood! I have to say i'm hooked, which is exactly what all of us try to achieve. The first sentance was well chosen which led me into the rest of the story. Your choice of words are unique which makes your own voice stand out. I really truly enjoyed reading the first chapter and can not wait ... view book

I wrote 1362 days ago

The story is captivating enough just by the way you speak its very coolly . . .and down to earth and what w typical girl in her situtation might be thinking and speaking. . . .the very start was a little hard for me to understand with the whole cat mother talk but I think that because you have a rea... view book

I wrote 1538 days ago

Hmm not really liking the "Order" talk right at the begining of the book even though it was very good and I could easily understand the clarity within your writing-( just my own opinion). I do like the way it starts after that, I think that woul be the better opener. Maybe to many discriptions for ... view book

I wrote 1546 days ago

Wow very good so far, I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it! I liked "fragments of reality danced in his mind" I thought that had a graceful flow to it. Everton is a great name, and I like a guy who can cry . . . very good first chapter, I'm not sure about the jumping around fromone moment to t... view book

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