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I am currently seeking a agent to help me promote my autobiography - ROUGH JUSTICE - and names or ideas welcome. Thank you. deankelly1@hotmail.co.uk
I get on with women more easly than I do with guys and feel more comfortable in their company - i often find guys a pain in the onions.

Dean Kelly - I think my story whilst not the polished finish articule is unique and very different to a lot of other autobiogrphies.

Guardian Newspaper May 7th 1979 - Terry Venables England Under 15 coach "Dean was one of the bravest goalkeepers I have ever worked with, my goalkeeping coach Phil Parks says "Dean's disability didn't bar him from being a top keeper his height did - great shot stopper and brave as a lion"

I am a British Judo Championship medalist from 2009 - I love to keep fit and basically FIGHT !!!!!!!!

I do believe that I have had more fights than anone I know and if you do something enough times you get good a it - well that is what my wive says anyway - I think she means the washing up haha- (at least 3 fights a day at school for 11 years - you do the maths) ok it is about 6,500 fights.

I always tell the truth "which is often not the best idea in the world" but I am totally honest and a good MATE.

I have written an autobiography called ROUGH JUSTICE about clinical neglect and legal cover ups.
I have been abused, locked in darkened cupboards at school, abused and I hope that I have come out the other side "nearly" intact.

I feel my story is Unique.

I am a mad a as hatter and suberb at putting people on their backs - Judoman haha

this is me doing judo randori http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=499FHHgMzyM&feature=player_embedded

I am probably not one of the most talanted of writers on site but I do think that my books are different and often unique

favourite books

love everything Roddy Doyle does - the WOMAN WHO WALKED INTO DOORS and the SQUAD were fabulous.

I Enjoy FRANK McCourt's works

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Rough Justice is my autobiography - medical negligence at birth and a cover up followed by a legal struggle.

Dean John Kelly was born on 5th February 1965. He was born at home in Luton, England by a his GP Dr Bastible.

Because of Doctors Bastibles medical negligence Dean's mother was told that her son AND FIRST BORN would die that evening, the family sent for a priest to administer the LAST RITES.

I do not pretend to have always been a good lad or the boy next door - I have had some nasty run in's with som "Dodgy" people - one who would leave well alone after a fight in a Luton pub, so my mates had him kidnapped, bungled into the back of a car and dumped in France - It's a long walk home apparently.

I luckily enough survived the horendous birth, where I suffered cerebal palsy and epilepsy. This is my story about life growing up, going to a special school were I was abused, by one of the staff a woman who sexually abused me, my life as a successful accountant, husband and BRITISH JUDO BRONZE MEDALIST in 2009. I hope you enjoy my journey.


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Brittany Engstrand wrote 12 hours ago

Hi Dean! How have you been?? No complaints here :)

MillieC wrote 1 day ago

Just spent two weeks in sunny France.... Back to work tomorrow, hate ....

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I wrote 56 days ago

I have hardly ever known a lady to write about sex with suck sensitivity and indeed knowledge. She tackles the subject with tact and humour. Her characters are big and jump off the page and entice the reader to carry on. Must have been quite daunting for Andrew to been in the presents of such a c... view book

I wrote 62 days ago

You write really well and your story moves at a pace. It seems to be a subject matter which who on authonomy write about, which is a refreshing change. Your obviously a very confident wordsmith and I will read on. Very different to the "Norm" IN A GOOD WAY Dean Rough Justice Ladies Nig... view book

I wrote 62 days ago

Well written, pacey and flows freely. You cannot in my opinion have sex without Humour and you have both down to a tee. Nice to meet Michelle and a very confident and assured lady. Poor chap - micro penis. It would seem that side DOES matter. I will read on. Dean ROUGH JUSTICE view book

I wrote 115 days ago

This is brilliant Catherine and if I wore a hat I would take it "off to you" the subject matter is hard core and personally love true stories. I can certainly relate to your pain and suffering or be-it in a different way. My life too was littered with struggles and wrong doings (or both side of t... view book

I wrote 146 days ago

STILL the best children's writer on authonomy. Just love this ladies work. Dean view book

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