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about me

I'm simply a story teller with a huge dream.
I live in Mississippi with my wonderful husband Larry. We have three children and four grandchildren. My grandchildren have been my biggest inspirations.

My most precious childhood memories are of my mother
reading Beatrix Potter’s stories to me.
What a beautiful life story Beatrix had, and what a wonderful dream to live.
I just wanted to create some of that magic of my own.

I have a indiegogo campaign going on with 49 days left to reach my goal, I would love it if ya'll stopped by to see the video, and maybe share the event.
the address is:


Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone!

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God Bless,
Dana P.

favourite books

The Bible

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https://www.facebook.com/J.B.Kidss     http://twitter.com/#!/JBKids_ByDana

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my books


Dana Pfeufer

Ol’ Sam’s stories become real when ten-year-old-Dean awakens in a strange land with the most unusual characters.

Ten-year-old DEAN'S funny feelings were letting him know something was about to happen, but he never knew what was coming. Fortunately, he has a good friend who understands, because Ol’ SAM has the same ability.
Dean rushes to the jelly bean factory to see Sam, when an earthquake hits. He escapes his peril in a mysterious tunnel, and falls asleep. When he awakens, he finds himself in Xanadu, the land of Jelly Beans. Dean doesn’t remember how he got there or where he’s from, but he knows he’s somewhere that isn’t supposed to exist.

Finding Xanadu is a 13,323 word children’s story about what it means to be different. This winning combination of adventure and information provides the perfect starting point for meaningful conversations with children about stereotypes, diversity and acceptance of others.

Book Two in the series, The Journey Home, leads Dean and his friends through more exciting adventures as Dean finds his way back home, and he discovers that one has to be a friend to make a friend. Book Two is also complete and consists of 10,670 words. I have planned at least three more books in the Xanadu series, and I am currently writing Book Three.


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I wrote 673 days ago

Dear maretha, This should be a movie. I loved the characters, and Flame captured my heart from the beginning, from his soulful brown eyes to the way he got his name. All the characters names were clever, Horace Hornbill, Rocksy Rabbit, Bella Black Hen. I loved it! I giggled at the grapevine line. Y... view book

I wrote 827 days ago

Magic Door Knob: This was an intriguing first chapter. I had to move straight away to chapter two to find out what it was Ricky saw. Boris is entertaining, and a cool ally for Ricky, very creative. The tree house scene was excellent, the descriptions had me right there, and I could see everythin... view book

I wrote 865 days ago

Brothers! I can tell you this, you got it right! Even though I’m a little sister, there is no difference. You brought back some childhood memories for me, and hit on some very realistic situations. My guess is, you either had a brother or brothers, or you were very close to someone who did. This is ... view book

I wrote 865 days ago

Hi Charolette, This is a wonderful piece of work, and I admire you’re writing style. The words flow so nicely, I forgot I was reading! I love the characters, perfect for an eagle. I’m looking forward to finding out how Charlotte meets her new companion, and how their relationship develops. Best... view book

I wrote 890 days ago

With a good editing, I'm sure this will be a good resource for people who are dealing with loss. I wish you the best of luck with Squeezed. God Bless, Dana P. Finding Xanadu and The Journey Home view book

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