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I currently live in a small town in eastern Colorado, work as a Kitchen Manager in a middle school and when I'm not writing, love surfing the net and drinking coffee.

Currently, I reserve backing for completed works that truly embody the spirit of what the writer is trying to convey.

NOTE: If I should manage to attract the interest of an agent and they approve my manuscript, it will disappear from the site. I wish to thank everyone that encouraged me to develop this into what it is.

favourite books

The Lord of The Rings and all related works
Anything by CS Lewis
The Da Vinci Code
Harry Potter - ALL
Angels and Demons
Goosebumps - ALL

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my books

The Seventh Star

Ethan Crumbley

"Mom, I borrowed the... ...spaceship?" Four ordinary teens now hold the only hope for the survival of our entire species... can they pull it off?

As the Earth began to die during the earlier part of the 21st century, unable to support a growing human population, a star ship named Aura was built with the hope of finding a new home. Now through a one in a million accident, Kyle and three friends find themselves on the far reaches of our galaxy with no idea how to get home. To make matters worse, they've managed to attract the attention of a hostile race of aliens who want nothing more than to see us become an endangered species. Will they be able to find their way back and complete the Aura's mission to save our race? Or will they find that there is more than they bargained for so far from home as our unlikely heroes meet new races, explore new worlds and even encounter an ancient secret that might explain the origin of all life on Earth?


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Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship. I'm ....

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Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

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Hey Ethan! You've been one of Take a Sick Break's loyal backers an....

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I wrote 982 days ago

This is most excellent! I enjoy the amount of thought that you put into your writing - it's clear and concise but you still have an wonderful sense of prose. Nicely done! view book

I wrote 983 days ago

It is really amazing to find anyone that can write poetry like this anymore... nicely done! view book

I wrote 986 days ago

Raman, Keep going... what you have here is the making of something good. You have an excellent sense of your characters and they definitely have a life of their own! view book

I wrote 987 days ago

Thank you so much! The aim was to be appealing to all persons, not just those that are fans of the genre. It is good to hear an honest opinion which is why I came to Authonomy. :-) view book

I wrote 987 days ago

More is in progress now... It'll be uploaded when ready!! lol :-) view book

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