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I write because I can't not do. One of these days what I write might even come close to expressing what I wish to express.

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1st two books in the Gormenghast trilogy
1st two books in the His Dark Materials trilogy
Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy
Catch 22
Dancers at the End of Time
Lord of the Flies

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http://monodreme.wix.com/holosphere     http://monodreme.synthasite.com

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The monodreme

I Moore

A teenage girl becomes as powerful as God. Will she hold onto her sanity?

What would happen if you could make anything happen?

When Sal is faced with this question she creates a replica of herself to take her place while she runs off to hide and try and figure out what to do.

We follow the adventures and misadventures of her three friends and her replica as they try to find her before she goes insane. But they’re just ordinary kids, playing with toys created by an inexperienced god. They’re on a collision course with the price of power, the price of power given for free.

What would you do if you could do anything? What would you really do?

Would you be a good person?

What would a teenage girl do?

Is there any question more terrifying?

NOTE: If you enjoy the opening to the story, and would like to know what Sal finally decides to do with her tremendous power, take a look at Chapter 15. There'll be stuff you don't quite get, of course, but it's a momentous chapter and I'm aching for feedback on it. Thanks


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I wrote 1712 days ago

Mmm - this is totally sumptuous. view book

I wrote 1712 days ago

Hi James I keep meaning to put a message on me profile saying I don't do the read swap thing. Will get around to it today. But that's not your fault so I've had a look at your book and am happy to back it, because it's well written and deserves it. My only piece of constructive criticism: ... view book

I wrote 1712 days ago

"...and it was like his heart broke and then mended, right in front of her..." This is a wonderful story. Well done. view book

I wrote 1712 days ago

I love a book that starts with something exciting and compelling. Christina is a great character. Sigourney Weaver could have played her (a long time ago). The story is flowing great, the read is smooth and easy and fun. Haven't any crit I'm afraid. Well done view book

I wrote 1712 days ago

Whoa! That's quite a beginning. Gonna hafta sit a spell while my blood stops boiling. :) Nice work, Carole view book

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