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I am a mother of two fabulous kids. Just moved to Burrillville, RI with my children and husband. I have a BA in theater and creative writing from Rhode Island College.

My debut children's book WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? is now available through Amazon.com. Check out my website to learn more.

**MOTHER OF MONSTERS is complete, but only part of it is being uploaded here for critique. Any comments would be appreciated.***

I am seeking an agent and can be reached via e-mail at:
ERMcKeon (at) gmail (dot) com
Emmybecka (at) yahoo (dot) com

I'm on Twitter! Find me under ERMcKeon.


In an effort to actually help the books I feel are deserving of the ED I will be doing a monthly bookshelf. All books that I have backed or plan to back will remain on my w/l and will be shelved accordingly. Please do not ask me to back your book. Asking me to read your novel is fine and I will always try to return any reads I receive.

favourite books

The Thursday Next series and The Nursery Crime series by Jasper Fforde, The Princess Bride

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-McKeon/2339275     http://theabsenteeblogger.blogspot.com/

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my books

Down the Wooded Path

E. R. McKeon

Cindy Smith needs to figure out what is real and what is make-believe and she doesn't have much time.

What would you do if your parents named you Cinderella? Some girls would embrace it. Some would flaunt it. Some, like Cinderella Smith, would count down the days until they could legally change it. Saddled with what she considers an unfortunate and cruel name, Cindy, as she insists being called, avoids dancing, dresses and make-up.

But her attitude changes when her dreams start to include a cottage in the middle of the woods and a grandmotherly woman straight out of a fairytale. Haunted by these childhood stories at night, Cindy’s waking life begins to mirror them. Before she knows it, she’s agreed to go to her high school’s Spring Fling with her best friend, Benny Gordon.

With Benny's help, will Cindy finally live up to her unusual name or will she miss out forever when the clock strikes midnight?


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I wrote 600 days ago

Club Grimoire Review: Interesting. I'm wondering how long after the new 'treaty' was signed that the first chapter takes place. At sixteen I would have thought Wilvred would know a bit more about how the kingdom is run. Maybe that's just me. ;-) The ease that Persival agrees to letting each le... view book

I wrote 601 days ago

Club Grimoire Review: First, "The Musicians of Bremen" has always been one of my favorites. The twist you've put on this is great. At least Mick knows where the money really is. ;-) The capitalization of the rock groups worked well for me. Makes them easy to pick up on without being too distra... view book

I wrote 602 days ago

Club Grimoire Review: Prologue & Chapter one both have a lot going on as far as action, but, with the exception of the highwaymen (who are no longer necessary) I don't get much of a feeling for the characters. You have the atmosphere down, giving the reader a squeamish feeling. A lot of blood ... view book

I wrote 606 days ago

Club Grimoire Review: Interesting and unique characters, although I want to know a bit more about them. I'm particularly curious about the grizzlebacks. They seem like a mix between bears and sloths, but a little more detail would make them easier to envision. The dialogue felt a little stilte... view book

I wrote 606 days ago

Club Grimoire Review: First, I think you have a good story concept. You have all the elements (unique characters, your own world), they only need to be polished so they'll shine brighter. There are grammatical errors and awkward sentences throughout the prologue and first chapter. My suggestio... view book

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