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A lover of the earth and of people, a child of God, a daughter, a mother, a wife- to grow things, I love to work in the soil under the sun and also in the rain - I love to read and to teach, and I sometimes write (in my early days poetry and now more prose).

A student of art, literature, and theology with an interest in anthropology, my undergraduate from the University of Georgia is in literature and my masters from Asbury Theological Seminary is in Divinity. I am currently working on a master's degree in English Literature, and I am a full time public school English teacher ~
I self published a few books of poetry at 16 years of age; now working on a new book, The Women Who Fly Kites
and am having a lot of fun with storytelling through prose dappled with poetry ~

favourite books

A few of my favourites:

Cather's My Antonia
Hawthorne's The House of Seven Gables
Any work by Tolstoy
Crane's The Open Boat
Homer's The Odyssey
Anything Shakespeare
Anything Emily D.
I really like Cervante's Don Quixote in small doses

recent favourites:
Zusak's The Book Thief
The Tiger's Wife by Obreht
Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier

Currently reading and/or re-reading:
Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff
The Hobbit by Tolkien
Yeats's Poetry, Drama, and Prose - ed.by Pethica
Bulfinch's Mythology
The Phantom of the Opera Gaston Leroux
The Count of Monte Christo Dumas
Short Stories by Hawthorne

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my books

The Women Who Fly Kites

Amy Craig Beasley

A tale of family, earth, sky, myth, and immortality, The Women Who Fly Kites is a reading journey merging poetic desciption to prose.

At the beginning of her Spring break, June, a middle aged science teacher, gets word that her Great Aunt is in dire need of her care. By the time she makes the drive from her South Carolina home through the Appalachian Mountains to her old home place just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, she is nearly swept away by a small landslide caused by recent coal mining activities, and is rescued by a couple of strangers who seem to mistake her for someone, Persephone?

Soon she is hunted by a dark fiend, guided by a strange inventor, cared for by a mysterious healer, reunited with a loving couple, the Brambelwells, and becomes vaguely aware of a family mystery that she is unsure that she wants to solve.

A tale of family, the earth, the sky, myth, and immortality, The Women Who Fly Kites is a reading journey uniting a myth of yesterday to the realities of the day.


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