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written 193 days ago

[Thank you very much Tom for your kind comment in my book. I'm glad you were drawn to my story and found it very interesting and original as it is. ] Hello Fatema-
book- Friendship offer and rejection-
The line at the end of the prologue, brought me in - It has that hint of suspense-
The storyline I found to be most original and i did like the dialogue- In fact after reading
chapter eleven, i wanted to read some more- and read about the holy journey and it's
religious content - With some tidy up here and there, your final draft would have great potential -
I liked what I read and wish you success Fatem

tom bye
book- from hugs to kisses-

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written 212 days ago

Well done!!! This was recommended to me by Chris1, i'll continue reading it.. Although it is in the fiction form, in it the truth is wrapped around. Your pitch gave a rather different understanding about the book. Yes, 'not to judge a book by its cover'.
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written 215 days ago

Very interesting and informative harper true biographical topic. You have very clearly explained the scenario in the pitch, that encourages readers interest. Also there is moral teaching in it.
You are a very good writer. The spirit of the story proofs that there is truth in it. view book

written 215 days ago

Anthony Brady wrote;
Feeling expressed with song lyrics.
Boost of comfort, act of kindness.
World affairs, politically (political) misleading attitude.
Value and apppreciation of failure.

Deep insightful feelings expressed with lyrics in Chapter 1. Furthermore, I shared the understanding and appreciation of compassion and boost of comfort; how acts (act) of kindness can be beneficial and comforting. Yes: acts (Act) of kindness and good deeds come back in many folds: for example the anecdote of Dr. fleming and Winston Churchill, in Chapter 2.

Also expressed in Chapter 3 are the experiences of a globalised world and the affairs, misleading political issues and power. I share (Shared) my thoughts on (of) social segregation; damage due to attitudes (attidtude) and misuse of diverse (diversity) needs. (in chapter 3.) Finally, (Fianlly,) in Chapter 4, I have expressed the value of successes (passes) and appreciation of failure in life,

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written 216 days ago

A comment made by Anthony Brady .. Friendship - Offer and Rejection
Fatema Miah

A gentleman offered friendship to a woman and she could not accept it because of his past mistake. There follows an intense telephone conversation between them. She felt he was dismissive and ignorant therefore, she could not trust him anymore. She has personal problems: he got involved in them by offering friendship and the woman could not accept the friendship offer from him for various other reasons.

Then a twist in the tale, there are other issues she faced. She is a british woman advancing diversity and she struggles to organise a religious trip. Due to all the hassles and pressures, she is involved in a car accident.

There are other people and activities that involve her. People deceived her and plottted behind her back. She loved gardening and designed her garden according to her taste., Here is a well described short journey through her garden. She copes with her stresses by surrounding herself with the comforts of nature.

A very surprising factor occurs: an impossible journey is made possible. She needs a visa to go on a pilgrimage. The author describes a detailed explanation of the challenges she met to obtain it and set out on her journey.

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written 217 days ago

It is a good informative book for all.

It is good for children.

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written 311 days ago

well-done and all the best!!
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written 585 days ago

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Deep, Thoughtful, Expressive, and Philosophical. The way you narrate the philosophies effortlessly, reveals that you are a person with profound knowledge and wide reading.
The talent of the writer shines through out the chapters.
All the Best.

Liinsa Hines
Behind the Revolutions- An Untold Tale

Hi Fatema,
I couldn't help reading your book today! Usually, I read the first chapter to have a first impression but I finished the second chapter in a heartbeat already.

Well, this is quite an enjoyable read and I can easily say that it's a golden book for the genre's enthusiasts. Your descriptions are great and I liked the way you expressed your feelings and shared your observations. You're obviously full of wisdom and the philosophical approach to your book is my cup of tea.

I definitely want to read more, and for the time being, I just wanted to let you know that I'm hooked in to the core concept behind it.

6/6 stars from me!
Lucette- Ten Deep Footprints

I do like the esoteric, even poetic approach that the author has adopted for this near to fully autobiographical account of her experiences and views on past and present events. Quite frankly this is a breathe of fresh intellectual air after all the pap which dominates this website. I am reminded of Hesse's travels to the East in search of of the Bodhisattva and whole avant garde surrealistic movement. This is a wonderful place to explore and escape into, if you are fed up with sterile, homogenized, regulated world that government controlled modernity has enforced on liberated minds. There is a huge chasm between being a liberal and being a libertarian. One is a thinly disguised set of conformity disciplines, and the other is truly an approach towards nirvana. This work falls into the latter, and is just too damned good for Authonomy. It really needs to be presented to a much higher authority where it truly belongs. Starred very highly.

Clive Radford
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written 610 days ago

It is like a diary of a teenager. A very familiar scenario of school environment. Lots of tension and conflict. view book

written 620 days ago

As you requested for critiques, here a few very important correction: The very 1st sentance should rewrite connected to the 2nd, as;
1) My dad told me once that he will never tell me anything again.
2) in 2nd paragraph it needs speach mark 'better to drive in silence' because you thought about it. Add i thought.
3rd and 4th paragraphs reads very well. Join the 5th paragraph to the 4th. Averall its written fine. Good dialogues.

She is a very caring sister to her brother and loving too. She gets love and satisfaction in retun. This is a very diferent story to most others here on this site. Goodluck!
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written 620 days ago

Your charrecters are very daring women.
This will make a good comedy movie. view book

written 620 days ago

I read two chapters of your book, the Gospel of Grace. The Titile is interesting.
You have a good topic here together with your perspective and some background research.
I understand that you have a message that you're wishing to convey to people through your readers.
i am afraid, to tell you that your writing needs some correction. Whether you wrote your manuscript in a haste with your outbusting fascination and frustration, or hastened and uploaded in an unchecked conndition, your writing needs good proof reading. I am sorry to be negative Michael. Though your work is very interesting and eye opening for this era. I am afaraid to tell there are far too many random sentances to pinpoint. Good luck! If you want help please do not hesitate to approach. view book

written 621 days ago

Written in plain and easy reading format.
You have explained every moments very clearly.
Oh, by the way i didn't know men devide women in 5 categeries, inclusive of 4 were told by your charrecter's father and one extra that the charrecter thought of.
very dissapointed with teenagers love, that differs from teh charrecter's expectation.
Ok, the charrecter has a new hope now, lets see what happens next. Humorous. view book

written 621 days ago

Suddenly, to Germany. A lots of conversation with husband, kids and the woman.
The woman is bit too much i supose.
She was so happy to find British English spoken person.
She does a lot with the kids.
What a struggle to get that fabric out of the bush, though the neighbours are caring.
A lots of charrecters and many interaaction.
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written 622 days ago

Although it isn't my prefered genre, it is amusing. Your story is very enthrilling for your genre readers. You write very well. Your writing engages your readers from the begining with a very realistic scene. Soon you being your readers to their expected thrills.

It is full of actions, thrills and horrors. You knoow your readers expectation. You wrote it in a very plain English, to make it a easy read and kept the follow.

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written 623 days ago

You have enticed your readers to it like if it was all real. welldone.
A lot of painful instances like walking through a memory lane., or a diary.
What a portrait you created of the of the dad, reallike.
The mothers effectionate and helpless situation.
Ah- ha the school and classrom, the fight with the bully girl.
The brother trying to help.
All blended well into the story.

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written 623 days ago

A big novel. well written, and interesting.
The sentances are simple and easy to read.
The conversation are well realistic.
The features are a bit mixed of the last century and modernised era.
Overal it is interesting and informative. view book

written 623 days ago

Well deetailed diary, with explained events and journey.
Lot of experiences. From Japan to all around African continent.

Well brave woman, caring and very respectful nature. view book

written 623 days ago

Oh dear me! A long record of experiences. Your 1st chapter enchanted me and drew my interest in it. You Began saying, that you loved him whole heartedly, you've nothing more to give. We women do love whole heartedly.

You shared a lots of experiences that can be lessons for others; awareness for many and insightful for all readers. A lot of social and political instannces you have recorded. Furthermore, there are few instances you have experienced, gives alerting messages for many other girls. Awakening messages.

You are right, love should be given to those who deserves, though you aren't stupid to give love to someone, because how do you supose to know?

As it is incomplete, hope to see you have found your true love and the person who deserves your wholeheartedly love. view book

written 624 days ago

A interesting topic and enticing tale for the aimed readers group. You have included a lot of incidents in it. Many charrescters with different scenarios.
This is a big book and still incomplete, that will make a fine novel, onnce polished well.
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