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Hey Everyone!

I'm a hopeful writer from Toronto, Canada.
I've been working on 'Guardians of Astonia' for a few years. More recently I made the decision to go all out and see how far this whole writing thing could take me. It's been an amazing and rewarding experience. Although I'm certainly a long way from my goals, I've enjoyed every second and can't imagine this habit will die any time soon.

My MS 'Guardians of Astonia' is the first in a planned trilogy. It follows the legendary Hytan bloodline through several generations as they wrestle the immortal demon Evanus. Spanning centuries, this series is as epic as they come. I hope you enjoy it!

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Seekers of Rameathor

Mike LeBlanc

Can Sam, a young man tired of living in his fathers enormous shadow, find the courage to face the world on his own?

I'll write this in full later on...


Guardians of Astonia

Michael LeBlanc

Timid young Alder has no choice but to fulfill an oath thousands of years forgotten. The fate of Astonia is tied to his courage.

One thousand years ago the enigmatic Guardians came to the lands of Astonia. There were five of them, each was a wondrous being of mysterious origin and ability. They convinced humanity to abandon the old ways and follow them to the deserted land of Khor. The Kings and Queens of Astonia believed the Guardians were sent from the heavens as a gift, they were pleased to see their years of hard labor being compensated.
One thousand years later Alder was a young boy. In a single fateful day Alder's entire world changed and he is given a unique opportunity to discover the true nature of the very real Guardians. He is scared, under-prepared and alone... but soon that changes and the timid boy is offered the chance to save humanity from a doom it refused to believe in.

*Undergoing an edit at the moment. Sorry if there is any confusion!


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Pam B wrote 224 days ago

Hi Micheal I've only just noticed you've got my book on your books....

Sally M wrote 388 days ago

Hi Michael, I would love to know what you think of my book, The Ps....

KAlexopoulos wrote 390 days ago

Toronto, eh? Good enough for me! +wl

kristylove wrote 410 days ago

Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

Mark Cain wrote 424 days ago

Hi, I'm stepping away from authonomy for a while. I've pulled my t....

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I wrote 615 days ago

Hey Cara! Here are my comments on the final two uploaded chapters of your MS: CH 13 Back with Taalin! I’m glad to see a familiar face again, hah. She reflects back to seeing dead trees in a lifeless landscape and she doesn’t take it very well. I’m not quite sure where she was or what she s... view book

I wrote 617 days ago

Hey Cara! I took a little time off but I’m back now! I hope your vacation is giving you some much needed rest! So we go all over the place in the next few chapters. I have mixed feelings about this approach but as of right now I don’t really think I’m digging it… To remind myself of what hap... view book

I wrote 623 days ago

Cara! So Ch 8 – back to form! I really enjoyed this chapter. It was exciting to read and made me realize that I prefer your dark chapters involving Perisamatt the most. I’m not convinced that his name doesn’t leave room for improvement but I look forward to his chapters most. I liked your d... view book

I wrote 628 days ago

Hey Cara! Just read CH 7: Started off very confused, I had to read the first bit over again. Has Arabelle turned on Maria? It seems that way but it isn’t very clear. Maybe instead of starting the chapter by saying “Her friend” put “The girl she only moments prior considered a friend” or s... view book

I wrote 629 days ago

Cara! CH 6 What a cool chapter! I loved the imaginative setting you’ve set this chapter within. I had fun envisioning it all taking place - getting lost within a fictional setting is why I read fantasy to begin with. It was interesting seeing Emperor Prerisamatt – who we were previously ... view book

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