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written 1129 days ago

Good read! It was funny, entertaining, and witty! I like how spontaneous Tam seems to be but also intelligent as well. You reflected this well through your writing style. I couldn't help but read on! The things that were being said were so true and reflected how a lot of people think under different circumstances. Its always a good thing when a book interacts with the reader and touches on more 'touchy' of subjects. Not a ton of writers do this and when they attempt to, most of them fail miserably. BUT, I think you nailed it.

Overall, good job with this one! Very entertaining.

When you get a free moment, please READ, COMMENT, RATE my book as well. It would be much appreciated!


-- C.W. Peickert (Darwinian Haste novel) view book

written 1131 days ago

A good read! I can feel the emotions you had behind writing this story; it shows through your writing. Very chilling and realistic. I'm glad you decided to share your story with us.

Good luck,

C.W. Peickert (Darwinian Haste novel) view book

written 1133 days ago

I love how realistic your writing style is! After reading through half of your story I can really tell that you took some time studying how people talk, act, and interact in their different environments. Also, the story is told from a woman who is mentally insane -- you reflect this in your writing as well. The only negative I have about your story is that it seems to jump around a bit and doesn't flow as freely as I had hoped when reading this. Is that because of her mental instability, or just the writing method you chose to use while writing it?

Overall, your book is very entertaining. For that, I gladly put it on my bookshelf!

Have a good one and hope to hear back from you soon!

-- C.W. Peickert (Darwinian Haste novel) view book