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My name is Bob Blackman and I am the cult Engine Punk author of The Horsepower Whisperer and The Wormton Lamb.

If you are looking for some light-hearted imaginative entertainment along the lines of Terry Pratchett, Jaspar Fforde, Tom Holt and Douglas Adams, then you will probably enjoy my work.

favourite books

1066 and All That by Sellars and Yeatman
Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Specials by John Bolster
The Classic Twin Cam Engine by Griffith Borgeson (not a whodunnit more of a who-designed-it)

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my books

The Horsepower Whisperer - Par....

Bob Blackman

In a soul destroying world, is selling your soul the only way to protect it?

Ever felt your spirits are being sapped? Are the colours being rinsed out of life’s rich tapestry? Is your soul being destroyed? Ever thought it might be deliberate? Nick Hob is the Horsepower Whisperer. He talks the torque and races the race in the Wild Hunt – a celebration of speed and power, skill and daring. With a few well chosen words, he inspires engines to great feats of speed, power and endurance. And he will share this power with you if you will trade with him your soul. But after answering a Save Our Souls message from a doomed airliner, Hob can barely believe his Extra Sentiency Perception. He’s been short changed. Something in Post Unification Euphobia encourages severe soul erosion. M Cadvare has breached the Standard of Living Directive and the authorities are onto him. Selling his soul to Nick Hob seems like putting it into protective custody. But Therese Darlmat knows that the speed of Hob and his mechanised Wild Hunt destabilises time and distance. She’s desperately chasing him across the fragmented dimensions in a souped up Cadillac and a temporal anomaly. Can Hob offer salvation? Or is he just another destroyer?


The Wormton Lamb - How a growt....

Bob Blackman

How can an isolated rural community deal with a giant lamb and the machinations of Nick Hob and some of his soul trading associates?

Forget the stars, tealeaves or bathwater. The future for telling the future is the motorscope. If you’re in a traffic jam – you’re gonna be late. Obviously. If only Slake hadn’t souped up Mrs Osmotherly’s 2CV. She might then have been able to read the road signs properly and save Mr Heckmondwike a whole lot of trouble. What she has spotted, though, is Nick Hob, the Horsepower Whisperer. If Hob is abroad in the Wold, whose soul can he be after? But everyone’s problems are exhibiting accelerated growth. It’s big. It’s woolly. It’s already got cloven hooves and soon it’ll have horns. It is the terrible Lamb of Wormton.


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Care to swap reads? Apocalypse Then

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I wrote 548 days ago

Thanks Sean. Pushing my work is the most difficult part of all. It was just the same when i was in industrial design. merely doing the work was not enough and it's the same with writing. view book

I wrote 549 days ago

It's Wold alright. There are parts of the UK known as The Wold, the Cotswolds and there's the town of Stow-on-the-Wold. It refers to open country overlying a base of limestone or chalkand is derived from the Old English Wald meaning forest - in Germany you have the Black Forest or Schwarzwald. view book

I wrote 1926 days ago

Thanks Zenup. The clunky title follows marketing advice for listing books on Amazon - always have a sub-title. The title is just The Horsepower Whisperer and this title alone - I am happy to say - has received very positive reactions. view book

I wrote 1933 days ago

The Wormton Lamb (all 444 pages of it) is now available on Amazon view book

I wrote 1983 days ago

Thanks keefieboy, glad you didn't mind a Cornish punk taking the piss out of the north country dialect. Personally I can't get enough Yorkshire-isms. I'd better check the time travelling fritter - the hard copy's out at Easter and I want it to be right. I'm new to this site so maybe could do ... view book

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