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I am not an editor or a writer, in fact I haven't written anything substantial since my Masters' thesis that I suffered through. So, I have the utmost respect for all of you who post your work on this site. I read for fun and I have so enjoyed myself.

If you ask me to read your work, I will check out your long pitch and see if it catches my interest. I don't have my own book so I don't have to worry about looking for backing from others, but if you would read someone's book from my bookshelf instead, I would appreciate it. I love to back the underdog as there are many great books on Authonomy that get overlooked. I typically read in the science fiction, fantasy, or romance genres.

I have found that one of the most agonizing decisions I run into on Authonmy is not what books to back, but what books to take off my shelf when I want to support a new author. Most importantly is how I feel about a book- am I still in love with it? Secondly, is the author still posting chapters? I won't unback if more chapters are being added. And of course did the author thank me for the backing (most do). Also if the author hasn't been on the site for a while, I'll give a chance to someone who is active. So below are some of my previously backed Authonmy favorites!

Keir- Pippa Jay (now published and available for purchase)
Vampire Music- Julia Blaine
Between- Cyndi Tefft
The Legend of Cah Ainle- Amanda Miller
The Deadliest Weapon- Cara Ruegg
Eternal Beginnings- Darlene M. Griffith
Bright Eyes- Ayana Raine
Hallowed Eve- Pam Godwin
Dark Star- Bek Mars
Dark World- Danielle Q. Lee
The Soldier- Corriene McCalister
Hope Restored- Sarala Baysinger
Terra Incognita- Heather Riffle
Wildewood- BA Morton
New Life, New Home, New Rules- A.J.Snyder
Tribesman- Paul Freeman
Return to Frog Hollow- Savannah J. Blevins
Devil Went Down- SW
The King and the Thief- Siver Mask
Vortex, Return of the Effra- Lindsey Parsons (published and available for purchase)
Darkspire Reaches- C. N. Lesley

favourite books

The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown
The Sparrow & Children of God- Mary Doria Russell
Princess Trilogy- Jean Sasson
Twilight Series- Stephanie Meyer
The Host- Stephanie Meyer
The Harry Potter Series
The Clan of the Cave Bear Series
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek- Annie Dillard

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Hello Desi, I would love it if you would peek at my draft "Hidden" an....

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I wrote 394 days ago

Thank You very much for posting your entire story. I love it when we get to see how a good story ends. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't find too many issues except for the following... Chapter 17. "Not everyone as excepted (accepted?) English as the new trade language you see." Chapter 18. "... view book

I wrote 483 days ago

Thank you for posting chapter 16. I really liked the rich description of and the interaction of the MC's with the vampires later in chapter. Again I thought the fight scene was drawn out, but again that could be just me. Here are some editorial issuses- "This is signs of Morrighan's chimeras, whi... view book

I wrote 486 days ago

Read chapter 15 and loved it. Can't wait for chapter 16. As far as being rough- I didn't find much to nit pick. These are the editorial issues that I found. "...so I had the local smith fix it as part of my trade. Chimera horns are worth a fortune, and it was no trouble to get them to fix... view book

I wrote 489 days ago

Cedric the Demonic Knight was a surprising adventure/ romance- just the type that I enjoy reading. It was well paced and Cedric is an interesting main character. Angeline is also interesting as the story progresses her character continues to add development- the only concern is that she may cry too ... view book

I wrote 489 days ago

The writing is stylistic and beautiful in places almost poetic. I find the richness is in the writing, unfortunately not in the characters. You tell what is happening but I don't get a feeling of connectedness with the characters. For me that is what drives my interst stories and keeps me reading. ... view book

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