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As a student planning for two careers, one as a nurse and a second as an author, Timothy has devoted his time to both ends. For nursing, he has completed a Baccalaureate in Biology, worked as a medical aide in rural Zambia, Africa for three months, and volunteered at the local Minor Injuries clinic.

However, his literary efforts outweigh his medical ones. He has enjoyed literature from a very early age, and soaked up books at a rate that horrified his brothers and sisters. He began writing poetry and stories at fourteen, and started his first novel (Ember, since completed and available here) at sixteen.

His complete portfolio can be sampled below, including the complete manuscript of Ember, excerpts of his novel Legacy and it's sequel The Gilded Cicatrix, and five of his short stories. As well as continually editing those, he has also at various stages in four other novels, a novella and more short stories, and is in the process of producing an Audio Drama of his novella.

Note: Please make use of the shameless plugs forum. At this point authors willing to recommend other books or to undergo a mutual read through is all Timothy can manage.

favourite books

I am constantly remembering books I love passionately, but recently come to mind, I love the work of:

Robert Heinlein,
Isaac Asimov,
Orson Scott Card,
J.R.R. Tolkein,
C.S. Lewis,
G.K. Chesterton,
G.A. Henty,
Robert Ballentyne,

my websites

http://www.timothycarstensen.weebly.com     https://www.facebook.com/timothy.carstensen

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my books

The Gilded Cicatrix

Timothy Carstensen

When Kiran abandons his post in the forest, he finds a similar purpose elsewhere. However, escaping the forest doesn't mean forgetting what happened.

Kiran finds a post in an army that provides him the purpose he needs. Utilizing his unique skill set, he quickly rises in the rankings. His experience in a Pteryvern hunt lift him to legend in the eyes of the men-at-arms, and he soon has to perform as captain over many of them. However, will his memories and troubles endanger the lives entrusted to him?

His status and past relationship with the prince allows him close access, which proves invaluable when Kiran overhears an assassination plot and must devise a way to foil it. The prince also makes it possible for Kiran to leave his post for a critical mission, one upon which the war will depend, but one that will prove much more difficult than it seems.

Note: Due to comprehensive editing, there are two large sections currently unavailable. Please forgive this absence, and be encouraged that such an absence will only be temporary.



Timothy Carstensen

In an antediluvian world, before massive geologic, biologic, and atmospheric changes created our own, a boy discovers the societies and conflicts we have never known.

When he wakes in a house built in the trees, and given a name by the stranger who found him, Kiran struggles in his youth, his only memories before the stranger being his haunting nightmares. However, he gets a fresh start with the stranger Aedan, who calls himself wizard, living a hermit's life in the woods, and the villagers only two days journey west. His life, though sometimes difficult, proves comfortable, until he follows Aedan at night, and finds out the wizard's true purpose.

When war reaches the trees, Aedan slows the tide, but he cannot do much alone. Kiran acts as messenger, and then helper, learning the ways of the Wizard at battle and at rest, yet when the King's warriors arrive to make a stand, Aedan is summoned and must leave. Can Kiran guide the elites through his forest to victory against the Norumbrian invaders?

Note: As a part of a massive editing effort, the bulk of the book is currently unavailable. To retain the listing, the intro and ending of the book will be left on Authonomy.


Of a Troubled Heart; Selected ....

Timothy Carstensen

In this varied array of short stories, you can find stories of the soul, stories that hurt, and stories that heal.

Delve into the world of a man living out the life he's gradually built, as he lies comatose in the hospital ('Dreamer'). Become the orphan afflicted with a disorienting psychosensory condition that has kept him secluded, until another boy invites him into a friendship, and offers him something he never thought he could have ('The Colors of Joy'). Then there's 'The Leak', the story of a man, who imbibes till inebriation upon losing everything, finds that the world is on the brink of extinction, and attempts to stop the impending doom.

These three stories are moving, light, but deep. However, I invite you now to step into darker waters. With 'Sleepless', take the place of a man, who as a boy woke to the murder of his younger brother, and finally finds and confronts in rage the tutor who had disappeared that night. To close the collection with a short story, the premise of a novel in progress, experience 'Ghost'; the story of a man with severe brain damage, who lives his life hiding the secret that his body cannot sleep without projecting his consciousness on others.


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I am done! My book has been edited! Read it, find yourself in my situ....

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