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A Bias Made of Ribbon

Rhonda Geraci

After a U-boat bombs the coast of Georgia, a mystery unfolds, strengthening the ties between a hobo and a small town girl.

As the best shot in Screven County, Delores Meloney could be a soldier, except for the fact she’s a girl. The Lady Billings reminds her of that. Lady Billings is the town matriarch. She determined to make Delores a lady and encourages her to order real silk stockings from the Sears catalog. Lady Billings believes FDR wants all Southern Ladies to have them, he just needs other women to give them up to make parachutes for the war. When Delores goes to the station to pick up her package, Mr. Paggleman, the train engineer, finds a hobo in his refrigerator car and kicks him off. The hobo runs away but later startles Delores on her path home. He frightens her at first; however, overtime the ties between them strengthen as small-town secrets and the mysteries behind a U-boat bombing off the coast of St. Simons Island unfold.


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I wrote 925 days ago

Really wonderful. I have just finished chapter 8, so have a ways to go, but wanted to comment. The storytelling is the kind that you want read to you out loud around a warm fire. The imagery is strong. I loved the fact Maeve hit her shin on a trunk beneath her parents bed when she ran to her fathe... view book

I wrote 1067 days ago

This is a very interesting subject. It's well-researched and developed in an engaging, readable manner. I am putting it on my bookshelf. What a valuable information source on the evolution of consciousness and it's attachment to a divinity. view book

I wrote 1073 days ago

The concept is solid. The storyline kept me engaged. The diary format didn't bother me; however, I was not convinced through the characterizations that each character would really write in a diary. There are many ways to maintain a diary format that do not resort to the strict use of a diary. For... view book

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