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My name is, obviously, Ashley. I have been writing since kindergarten, but have been making stories, either in my head or with my toys, since I was old enough to hold a dolly. How old am I? That isn't important, but let's just say that I cannot legally drink, drive without an adult, or have sex. That does not mean that I want you to treat my work any differently than you would an adult.

While we are on the subject of work, I AM NOT ON AUTHONOMY FOR THE SOUL PURPOSE OF MAKING IT ONTO THE TOP 5. Therefor, the ranking thing is not a big deal for me. if you back my book without a review, you will get no response. If I feel that your comment was copypasta, you will get no response. When I review a book, I REVIEW IT THROUGHLY and I expect that you do the same.

This being said, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO MASS MESSAGES. I also DO NOT GO FIRST in a swap. Too often, I do not get back what i put out. If you are expecting to give me a helpful, honest review, this should be no problem for you.

Chickenhawk contains hash language, drug use/abuse, incest, male rape/sexual abuse, and a fair share of violence. If you aren't cool with that, or easily offended don't read it, but don't go on about how offended you are. I will just laugh at you.

favourite books

-Clockwork orange (Anthony Burgess)
Sarah (jt LeRoy)
-The heart is decietful abve all things(jt LeRoy)
-different seasons (steven king)
Lord of the flies (Golding)
-The girl Next door (jack Ketchum)
-requiem for a dream (Selby)

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Ashley Renee

Sixteen-year-old Erin is about to learn a valuable lesson; when nobody is watching, there is no "taboo".

Sixteen-year-old Erin has spent her entire life in the town of Sordes, Nebraska. Abandoned by her parents and left in the care of her older brother Nathan (a drug-dealing, emotionally unstable ex-convict), Erin is trying to find her footing in her impoverished, superstitious environment. Much like the other children in the town, Erin drinks, gets high, kills stray cats, and simply hopes that luck will allow her to continue existing. She sees the “real” world through TV screens, dreaming of the day when, like her parents, she can break free of Sordes and become a part of it.

However, when Nathan kidnaps a young boy to get revenge for the brutality he suffered in prison at the hand of the teen’s older brother, Erin’s already offbeat world is irreparably damaged. Torn between her skewed sense of morality and her loyalty to Nathan, Erin is forced to make a choice; Do the right thing or preserve the security of the only way of life that she’s ever known.


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