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About a year ago I lost all of my backings I retired my authonomy account. I spent the last few months seriously editing my novel "Sacrificed: The Revealing."

I'm officially back and ready for action. I will also design covers for anyone who asks :)

Hope you like my book.


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Harry Potter Series
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Twilight Series
Vampire Diaries Sries
Secret Circle Series
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The Girl Series

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http://liamjaybrown.weebly.com     Twitter: Liam_Jay_Brown Facebook: https://www.face

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Sacrificed: the revealing

Liam Jay Brown

Some secrets you tell, some you die for. And some kill you.

The necklaces have been passed down through centuries. They have driven people to do wicked, unspeakable things and caused great bloodshed, all for the power they gave to the wearer. They are cursed. And though many have attempted to destroy the necklaces, they have failed. Now history is about to repeat itself.

When Jason Stone moves to the gloomy town of Woodford-Gray, he finds one of two cursed necklaces. When it binds itself to him, he becomes more powerful than ever before. But who’s in charge, him or the necklace? And what will he do when a vicious, demonic man desires complete control of both necklaces? After all, the only way to remove the necklace is to murder the one who wears it.


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I wrote 522 days ago

While this isn't a genre I usually read as I like horror as you probably know, I found my self enjoying your first chapter. It was well written and I couldn't help but laugh in a view places. I love the part "Do you mean you are friends, Heather?" "No, lovers". I don't know why but I just loved that... view book

I wrote 526 days ago

I won't comment on grammar because I'm not a gramma nazi, but overall I enjoyed the first chapter. I like how your mc doesn't know anyone at the school, my book can realte in chapter 2. I like that you kept the pace right througout the chapter and didn't slow down. Ending is also good, she *finally*... view book

I wrote 526 days ago

Good pitches, ecspecially like the last two lines, the ending "I'm not sure I'll survive." is a great hook. WIll comment once I finish chapter 1. view book

I wrote 746 days ago

Hey. First of all, your pitches. Just read over them, they are fine, there are just a few letters missing here and there and some commas etc. that you can add in. Nothing major. Your first chapter: Life In A Nutshell, is well written. Your writting style is good. I really like the way the though... view book

I wrote 747 days ago

LOVE THIS !!!!! view book

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