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Life's been something of a smorgasbord for me, sampling this and that (shades of Jack London?).
I was a correspondent for a radio station in Manila under martial law. I raised bees for honey in the bush of Pontiac, Quebec. I did research on the life of native artist Benjamin Chee Chee who hanged himself in a jail cell in Ottawa on his birthday. I authored a short-lived cartoon strip called "Grouse Mountain Poet" for the Vancouver Sun. I also sold books, residential tax shelters and uniform rental packages. I'm currently poised to teach English as a second language possibly in the Far East.
Book cover design by Bradley Wind.
Find "The North Korean" in full length at the websites below.

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Les Miserables
The Four Guardsmen
A Definite Object
Uncle Wiggily

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The North Korean

Kenneth Edward Lim

Patriotism, a sexually insatiable geisha and the dreaded Kempeitai drive a displaced Korean across vast continents shaken by Hitler, Mao's Long March and Japan unleashed.

When his father dies of a mysterious disease, young Eddie becomes the head of an aristocratic (yangban) family consisting of himself, his mother and hundreds of tenant farmers in Choson (North Korea) at the beginning of the twentieth century. He needs to grow up quickly to meet the demands of restive tenants seeking leadership as Japanese colonizers ravage the countryside. Guided by his mother's firm hand, he rids himself of his cumbersome landholdings and an arranged marriage to a woman almost twice his age, and embarks on a trek inspired by his hero Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho, the great Korean patriot in American self-exile.
He crosses the border into Manchuria where he experiences a sexual awakening in the arms of a Japanese general's geisha. She concocts a scheme passing Eddie off as a bright second-generation Japanese in need of the general's support through medical school in Tokyo. Eddie gets his scholarship but after graduation four years later, refuses a commission with the Japanese Kwantung Army requiring him to conduct medical experiments on Korean prisoners in Manchuria. He flees, his masquerade over, the Kempeitai hot on his heels, the geisha paying dearly for her folly. He expects a final reckoning in blood.


Deadly Windfall

Kenneth Edward Lim

Waste a Philippine island with tremors and giant waves, unearth treasure from the devastation, and throw a suicidal New Yorker into the mix.

When burned-out salesman Bud swaps suicide for self-redemption through charity work in the Philippines, New York's ills are dwarfed by the calamities visited upon the island village he adopts. A wave surge from undersea tremors has wiped out the village, leaving its inhabitants in dire straits. Then from the devastation, a startling discovery that could improve their circumstances, happens, but with it comes danger with the opposite effect. He finds himself the only thing separating rapacious intruders from his island friends, including a beautiful schoolteacher only he can save. He now wishes he were back in New York, juggling mind-numbing realities, than on the island living an inescapable nightmare.


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Dean Lombardo wrote 1 day ago

Kenneth, that is so cool. Congratulations! Space Games, even better t....

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Thanks, man, I'll go purchase it. Good luck with sales, brother.

Cameron Sinclair wrote 1 day ago

Hey guy, Just looking for some feedback on something I’ve been workin....

najwa wrote 2 days ago

Hey congratulations! I hope it sells like hot cakes. Best Nagwa

John J. Lawrence wrote 2 days ago

Hello Ken, Congratulations! Check out my new daily comic strip on....

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