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I have been writing since I was in school, but it wasn't until I discovered the fantasy genre that I started to be really interested in it. Reading is another of my big passions, music a third.

I mostly read fantasy, but do sometimes read in other genres.

I am looking to get better at writing so any feedback is very welcome!

19/12/13 - I have taken down my novel Shadow of the Moon as I am currently editing it.

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gingerknucklehairs wrote 333 days ago

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Hi I was engrossed by your story. Will you please do the honor of tak....

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Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, A Shamrock On The ....

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Hello, One thing I can state without a doubt is the Gay, Lesbian,....

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I've updated the Hottest Books: June Addition thread. http://www.au....

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I wrote 638 days ago

This book is certainly interesting. I don't think I've ever really read anything like it. It has a great pace, and there is plenty to interest the reader and keep them hooked. The writing is good as well; the only thing is I'm not sure about all the hyphens, in places I feel that they should be comm... view book

I wrote 641 days ago

This is a well written and put together story. Not the usual sort of thing that I read, but enjoyable none the less. I think that the mystery of it will keep people reading, along with the fact that the characters are believably written. There doesn't really seem anything negative to point out, so a... view book

I wrote 649 days ago

I have read the first chapter, and from it I think that it is a promising beginning. As has been noted below, it is clear that English is not your first language, so the story is quite hard to read. The technical side of writing is always the hardest, regardless of language, but its the easiest part... view book

I wrote 653 days ago

I definitely think that this is better in first person. The only thing that makes it hard to read is the speech. You start every new sentence within a piece of speech with a another set of speech marks, which made me think that someone different was speaking. It would be easier to follow if the same... view book

I wrote 659 days ago

I really like this - it's just my kind of story. I think that the voice it is told in is authentic, and the character of the priest is well-crafted. The other characters are believable too. I like the way you have created the sayings - it really adds authenticity to the world it is set in. The way y... view book

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