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On left is my beloved Gongon, my inspiration for all things sweet and smart and loving. He is now in heaven.

I'm a former wire service reporter-turned photographer/pix ed currently working in pictures, text, and translation.

I recently covered the earthquake and tsunami disaster in northern Japan, and was both shocked by the inconceivable destruction and deeply moved by the wisdom, courage, and perseverance of the people who are still continuing their struggle just to carry on with their lives.

"Triple Disaster" is based on fact. A lot of the quotes are from my notes, and I hope that through my fictitious characters, I might be able to help in some small way to share with other people in the world the strength of those who are facing such tremendous challenges.

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Triple Disaster

Eriko Sugita

Mari and her friends had always feared earthquakes. A major tsunami had been inconceivable. So was the nuclear accident.
Together, they are determined to survive.

Mari Onoda, aspiring young writer, leads a simple but busy life with her family and friends in a seaside city in northern Japan. Though struggling to make ends meet, she is happy, working part-time at a newspaper office and taking care of her father, her brothers, her grandmother, and beloved Golden Retriever Lulu while her mother is in the hospital.

One sunny afternoon as she looks forward to a reunion night out with her childhood friends, Mari’s world is rocked by a major earthquake. It is followed by a tsunami of a scale never before experienced in her hometown, swallowing the entire coastline.

As the people struggle to survive, the city is hit by yet another disaster: radiation leakage from a nearby nuclear power plant. The quiet city of Minamisoma becomes recognized by the government as a radiation contamination zone. With no supplies or aid, it is isolated from the rest of the world.

Overcoming shock and fear, Mari, her family, and friends discover what it means to persevere. Through friendship and caring for one another, they are determined to beat the odds.


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